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The Blue Connect Member Self-Service Portal is here to help you with your Blue Cross of North Carolina account. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association licenses Blue Cross BlueShield of South Carolina and BlueChoice HealthPlan of South Carolina as independent licensees. The password that you used is no longer valid. I would appreciate it if you filled out the information below. StudentBlue will use the email address that you provide when you register.Blue-Cross-Blue-Shield-NC

A reset password is a method of invalidating the existing password for an account on a website, service, or device and creating a new one. Resetting a password can be accomplished through the settings of the software or service or by contacting customer support.

Reset password for BCBSNC

Passwords can be reset from the login screen if you forget them. Enter your security question to reset your password. Here are the steps to recover your password if you forgot your security question:

  • Go to the Account Management page.
  • Click Can’t Log in?
  • Enter your NC Account Email Address and select the Security Check box.
  • Click CONTINUE.
  • You will receive a confirmation link via email.
  • Click the link and update your password.

Change Your Old Password

The following steps will help you change your old password for Blue Cross Blue Shield , which is always a good practice if you think someone might have gotten your password:

  • Log into the Account Management page.
  • In My Account Security, click CHANGE next to Password.
  • Type your current password twice and choose a new one.
  • There must be at least one number in your password, at least two letters in a row, and the password must be different from your display name and email address.
  • You can’t reuse the old password.
  • Passwords are case-sensitive.
  • Click OK.
  • Access your account profile with your new password.
  • Password reset should be confirmed by email.


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