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It has been more than a year since the federal mask mandate for transportation and the need to provide negative COVID-19 test results to travelers arriving in the United States began. And while the mask order was recently extended less than a month ago (and is now set to expire on April 18), both travel industry leaders and travelers are expressing their readiness to meet the requirement.

How ready are Americans to remove travel orders? This past week, we asked more than 700 US-based TripIt users whether their mandates expire, be removed or continued এবং and whether the possible removal of those mandates will affect their future travel plans.

What travelers have said is a clear indication of a return to normalcy. That is, most respondents (54%) said they would like to see the federal mask mandate for transportation expire. Also, 60% of respondents said they would like to remove the COVID-19 test requirement for international travel.

Here’s what travelers told us.

Most American planes are ready to come after the mask

When we ask travelers about their preferences regarding the federal mask mandate for transportation:

  • 54% say they want a mask mandate Expired
  • 30% want to be mandated Re-expand
  • 16% Don’t have a choice Either way

If the mask mandate expires, About one-third (32%) of respondents said they were more likely to travel; 53% said the expiration of the mandate would not reduce or reduce their chances of traveling. Only 15% said the expiration of the mandate would cause them less travel.

Does the end of the mandate mean the end of the mask in transport? Our data says that this is not possible. In fact, 39% of respondents still plan to wear a mask on a plane And other forms of public transit; 28% said they would wear a mask if they felt sick while traveling. One-third of passengers (33%) said that when the mandate expires / when they will be masked.

Our data also show that those who want to renew the mandate of masks – irresistibly (93%) – will continue to wear masks on public transport no matter what, with almost everyone else sick (6%) and less than 1% on public transport. And is planning not to wear a mask.

About half of Americans will plan more international travel if testing requirements are removed

Travelers felt more strongly about removing the need for international testing. Our data shows:

  • 60% of respondents want requirements Move
  • 27% want policy Stay
  • 13% they say Don’t have a choice Either way

We asked travelers how the possible removal of international testing requirements would affect their travel plans. Nearly half (44%) said they would be more likely to travel if the need was removed; Only 10% said they would be less likely to travel; And 46% said the termination of the policy would not affect their travel plans in any way.

Similar to the survey data we released in early March, Americans are increasingly preparing for air travel. And as it turns out, with preparation comes the hunger for normalcy এবং and goes beyond the order of the epidemic.

Method: TripIt surveyed more than 700 US-based users to understand their feelings about the federal mask mandate for transport and the COVID-19 test requirements for international travel in the United States. The survey was conducted April 1-4, 2022.

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