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Travel restrictions related to COVID-19 are subject to change and are constantly changing, meaning travel decisions — and travel procedures নয় are not as straightforward as before. TripIt’s COVID-19 Travel Guide feature shows you the latest COVID-19 travel guide, restrictions and requirements for the destination you are planning to visit. This information comes from our partner Riskline.

You can get destination-specific information about vaccination rates and requirements, approved vaccines, test requirements, discounts for vaccinated passengers, current infection rates, quarantine rules upon arrival, and other information you need to know before visiting the area.

If you are a TripIt Pro user, you can search the feature to find all of the above information without having to be part of the TripIt itinerary to the destination you are planning to visit. It is available in the Pro tab of the app.

The feature also provides airline-specific COVID-19 guides, including airline-recommended apps to assist with travel and access, airline-enabled COVID-19 test availability and schedule, and more.

There is also a COVID-19 summary screen so you can see important pre-departure information that you may need to take the necessary steps before traveling internationally. These pre-trip details include the vaccine and testing requirements for your destination, as well as the apps offered by your airline.

Here’s what you need to know about TripIt’s COVID-19 Travel Guide feature.

Who has access to the COVID-19 Travel Guide?

The TripIt app provides COVID-19 travel guides for all TripIt users. Guidelines are available for more than 200 countries and territories, including 79 airlines.

In some countries data is available by region:

  • There is information provided by the state of Australia
  • Information is available by province of Canada
  • There is information available from the United States state
  • Information is available by region in France
  • Information on the Autonomous Community of Spain is available

Where can I access the COVID-19 Travel Guide?

The next time you see a trip trip on TripIt, you’ll notice a guidebook button on the top of your trip screen (above the edit button). Tap the guidebook to see additional information to help you prepare for your next trip.

If you’re a TripIt Pro user, you can also search the COVID-19 Travel Guide before booking a trip from the Pro tab of the TripIt app.

COVID-19 Travel Guide

Is there any vaccine-related information available for my travels?

You can find vaccine-related information directly on the COVID-19 Travel Guide feature. All TripIt users can view countrywide vaccine information for the destination they are visiting, including:

  • Vaccination rate
  • Vaccination requirements
  • Approved vaccine
  • Exemption from quarantine, examination or other entry requirements for vaccinated passengers
  • Accepted form of certificate
COVID-19 Travel Guide

Where can I find airline-specific COVID-19 guidelines?

The COVID-19 Travel Guide feature also offers airline-specific guides, giving you access to information about your flight’s improved hygiene procedures, health documentation requirements, food and beverage services, and more.

You can also find airline-specific details, including:

  • App recommended by the airline for ease of travel and access
  • Information on whether a COVID-19 test can be scheduled by an airline
COVID-19 Travel Guide

What else is TripIt doing to help travelers?

Adding the COVID-19 travel guide to the TripIt app is one way we’re making it easier to navigate your health and safety needs the next time you travel.

You can also find a general health and medical score for the area you are visiting on the Neighborhood Safety Score, and you can easily find hospitals and pharmacies in the vicinity. We’ve also added health and safety features to the interactive airport map. For available airports, TripIt Pro users can search interactive maps for Covid-19 test sites, stores that sell face masks, hand sanitizer stations, and the location of personal protective equipment (PPE) vending machines — everything in the app.

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