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Top reason to travel to New Zealand

If you want to book a trip abroad, sometimes there are so many choices that it is difficult to know where to start. If you have never considered New Zealand, now is not the time to travel. There are many reasons for this country to be on your bucket list and you will find that once you are done, you will already start planning your next trip. With so many daily flights to New Zealand, there is no excuse for not leaving early. Here we have put together some of the top reasons for your New Zealand trip.

Immigrated to New Zealand as a nurse practitioner
Picture of Ethan Doe in Unsplash

It is an area of ​​outstanding natural beauty

New Zealand is a country full of unique flora and fauna and has many places of outstanding natural beauty. In fact, it is one of the most famous things in New Zealand. You can see some of the thousands of lakes, from Lake Taupo to Lake Tekapo or Lake Pukaki. The diverse landscape also includes volcanoes, thermal springs, geysers, geothermal parks, mountains and glaciers. As a way to immerse yourself in the nature found in New Zealand you can go hiking, cycling, horse riding and much more.

There is something for everyone

How to immigrate to New Zealand for Filipinos
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Whether you love to relax in a luxury spa hotel, see different sights, immerse yourself in culture or travel in a beautiful background, New Zealand has you covered. There is so much to do while traveling here that you will never be bothered whether you are with friends, family or your partner. Be sure to visit the Hobbit Cottage, where the famous Lord of the Rings film was set. You can do white water rafting, bungee jumping or go to one of the famous cities like Auckland and Christchurch to fix your city. If you're a foodie or wine connoisseur, there are plenty of food and wine destinations, so be sure to get on your trip. Why not head to a vineyard for a tour and wine tasting, round it off with dinner? There are many unique experiences.

You can make it a road trip

New Zealand is such a beautiful place to travel, why limit yourself to one place? Instead, we recommend renting a luxury car and traveling from place to place, staying at each hotel. In some places you may only need one or two nights, in others you may want to stay longer. By combining your trip with traveling around, you can immerse yourself in everything New Zealand has to offer.

New Zealand Working Holiday VisaThese are just some of the top reasons to go to New Zealand. Whether you want to go for a couple of weeks, or make it a part of your travels around the world, you won't be disappointed. New Zealand is one of the most beautiful parts of the world and there is something for everyone. Have you ever been there before? Let us know your thinking consciousness!


Lee Abbamonte – A conversation with the TripIt blog

Going Places is a new series from TripIt that frequently highlights travelers to showcase their unique travel style and interior tips.

For world-record holder Lee Abbott, choosing where to go next is not just a matter of destination, how to get there, who to invite, changes in time and weight of the year such as: should he spend points and miles, or cash? Does he want to rent a car, or rely on ride share?

All of these factors are important when you have already visited every country in the world — and you are the youngest American to do so.

Of course, there are countless other variables to consider when traveling during an epidemic. "Before COVID-19, I traveled internationally to 30 or more countries each year," Lee shared. “Due to the uncertainty of travel restrictions, I have made only three international trips in the last two years. But, in the meantime, I've traveled a lot more domestically — and thought about what's next on my bucket list. "

So, what are those bucket-list destinations at the top of his list? "Tripoli, Libya; and Socotra, an island off the coast of Yemen."

Lee is not unfamiliar with the beaten path when traveling - even if it takes multiple attempts to reach his destination.

“My favorite place I've ever visited is the South Pole. It's so unique, so hard to find, and very few people have done it, "he said. “My first campaign failed in 2013; The situation was not right for us to complete our trip. "

But Lee's eye was on the prize, and the following year, he was able to finish his campaign.

Statistics on statistics

While not every trip may be as memorable as going to the South Pole, when you've visited every country, state, national park, baseball stadium, and the North Pole, you'll want to keep up to date.

So, how will Lee stay on top of his past and future travels? "TripIt, of course! I'm a statistician, so naturally, I'm obsessed with TripIt's travel statistics feature," he said.

Lee uses TripIt to keep all his travel bookings and confirmation numbers in one place.

“I use TripIt — religiously করতে to create itineraries for all my travels. From tea time to restaurant reservations to tours, I rely on apps to keep me organized. Plus, it's just so fun to watch; To see what I planned and where I was. "

Expert tips for dream travel

Using TripIt to stay organized, Lee shared some other tips for fellow travelers.

First, where to go: “Africa, in general, but Namibia in particular. It is a beautiful country with wide open spaces, gorgeous beaches and sophisticated cities. It's an under-the-radar destination that I can't recommend enough, "he said.

For tips on how to get there (or somewhere)? “It comes back to weigh those different variables. Think about what makes more sense for your travel budget — Do you want to book with cash, or use points and miles to help offset your costs? Would you like to spend money on renting a car for a week, or you could go for public transit or ride-sharing? "

Lee also recommends comparative shopping, i.e., not booking the first flight or hotel option you find. “Shopping for your flight and accommodation can save you hundreds of dollars,” he said. "And when you decide on a flight, use the TripIt Pro's fare tracker feature to see if your airfare has been reduced after you book."

Lee is a big fan of benefiting from the sharing economy when he travels.

"The sharing economy has changed the way we travel," he said. "Whether it's vacation rentals, like Airbnb, or the ride-sharing program — these options give you more flexibility to save money, making travel more affordable and accessible."

His last tip? "When it comes to travel, there's nothing left to do but do it," he quipped.

In fact, Lee is an inspiration to all of our travelers to follow our travel dreams, to remain steadfast when a plan doesn't work out for the first time and to reflect on where we were - be it with the help of travel statistics. , Snap, or something else.

Want to keep up with Lee's future travels? Instagram and follow him Twitter See where he goes next (hint: the palm tree must be on the horizon!)

About the author

Amanda Walk

Amanda Walk is a freelance writer, founder of Amanda Walk Creative - a content writing service company - and an avid traveler. His experience supports customers in the travel industry, travel technology, luxury travel and consumer brands. While she doesn't help clients tell their stories, Amanda writes about her own experiences to inspire others to travel as far, wide and frequently as possible.


Mariposa Hawaii – A Neiman Marcus Restaurant You Must See

While in Honolulu, Hawaii, don't forget to visit this Neiman Marcus restaurant - Mariposa Hawaii!

Located in Ala Moana Shopping Center, Mariposa Hawaii is a restaurant you should not miss! They serve special sandwiches, desserts and much more! Honolulu has literally many good restaurants to visit but I recommend this place. Below is more about Mariposa.

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About Mariposa Hawaii

Located in Ala Moana, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Mariposa Hawaii If you want a quick but satisfying meal, this is the place to go. You will find Mariposa on the 3rd floor of Neiman Marcas, Ala Moana Shopping Center. This is why it is a great place for people to go shopping.

Remember, Ala Moana is set in a strategic location with many amazing views, and since Mariposa is here, use its location! If you like to eat in Mariposa, be sure to reserve a seat in the patio. Enjoy your meal while exploring the sights of Ala Moana, like Magic Island.

Mariposa Hawaii

In addition, there are many food options that you can choose from in Mariposa. From unique sandwiches to regionally inspired entries and homemade desserts, you'll leave Mariposa with a satisfied stomach!

What to order?

There are two types of menus at Mariposa; Dine-in menu and Sunset Lounge menu (offered 4 PM-6: 30 PM).

At the bar, you can enjoy a wide selection of cocktails, beer, wine and even non-alcoholic beverages.

For starters, their kahuku corn chowder contains ewa sweet corn, focacia croutons and chives. Laksa Curry is a must try! The salmon in it melts in your mouth which makes you want to dig more. You just know that all the ingredients used are fresh and cooked very well.

For the Sunset Lounge menu, you can choose from two categories; Hot and cold menu. Their cool King Crab salad is a great meal with Marie's butter lettuce, Ho Farm's tomatoes, avocado, watermelon radish, sugar snap peas and green goddess dressing!

If you don't want to eat cold food, try their smoked brisket sandwich, a house-smoked beef brisket, toasted brooch, mustard sauce, Mini Garden Mini Credit. All of these delicious meals can be enjoyed while there is a great view of the outdoors.

Price list

Note: This price list is from their main website.

Dine-in menu


  • Soup of the day - $ 8 (cup) $ 10 (bowl)
  • Kahuku Corn Chowder - $ 12 (bowl)
  • Hurricane Season Fry - $ 10


  • Mariposa Cheeseburger - 20
  • Smoked Brisket Sandwich - 20


  • Cold King Crab Salad - $ 35
  • Smoked Salmon Salad - $ 28

The main election

  • Kiaway Smoked Pork Chop - $ 30
  • Chicken Milanese - $ 24
  • Pan-roasted scallops - $ 34
  • Laksa Curry - $ 35
  • Roasted Beat "Pok" Bowl - $ 20

Kids menu - all for $ 15

  • Spaghetti
  • Grilled cheese
  • Chicken tender

Wine selection

Champagne and sparkling

  • Santa Margherita Sparkling Rose, Italy NV - $ 12 (glass), $ 23 (half bottle)
  • Rodera Brut "Collection 242", Reims NV - $ 22 (glass), $ 112 (bottle)
  • Taittinger Brut "La Francaise", Reims NV - $ 28 (glass), $ 135 (bottle)


  • Condrum White, California 2020 - $ 11 (glass), $ 39 (bottle)
  • Pinot Greece, Willamette Valley Vineyards 2019 - $ 13 (glass), $ 47 (bottle)
  • Chardonnay, Patz & Hall, Sonoma Coast 2017 - $ 17 (glass), $ 59 (bottle)
  • Chardonnay, Fevre "Champs Royaux", Chablis 2019 - $ 19 (glass), $ 70 (bottle)

Cold sex

  • Sec Baby Junmai Ginjo - $ 19 (300ml)
  • Hevensek Junmai - $ 9 (glass), $ 39 (720ml)


  • "The Palm" by Whispering Angel, Provence 2020 - $ 15 (glass), $ 54 (bottle)


  • Pinot Noir, Siduri, Santa Rita Hills 2018 - $ 18 (glass), $ 61 (bottle)
  • Sangioves, BB Gretz Kasamatta, Tuscany 2019 - $ 13 (glass), $ 47 (bottle)
  • Merlot, Rombauer, Napa Valley 2018 - 29 (glass), $ 110 (bottle)
  • Cabernet Sauvignon, Caymus, Napa Valley 2019 - $ 199 (bottle)

Their more dine-in menu Here.

Sunset lounge menu


  • Mini Lobster Roll - $ 12
  • Kushi Oysters on the Half Shell - $ 11.25 (3pcs), $ 22.50 (6pcs), $ 45 (12pcs)
  • Cold Tiger Shrimp - $ 16
  • Crazy water of scallops - $ 15
  • Cold Seafood Platter - $ 52 (small), $ 100 (large)
  • Cold King Crab Salad - $ 35

It's hot

  • Asian Fried Chicken - 15
  • Arancini - 16
  • Garlic Shrimp - $ 16
  • Mariposa Cheeseburger - 20
  • Smoked Brisket Sandwich - 20
  • Ribe Steak Terry - $ 35
  • Tomahawk Steak - 165 (32 oz.)

Sunset Lounge

  • Rodera Brute "Collection 242", Reims NV - $ 18 (glass), $ 77 (bottle)
  • Chardonnay, Patz & Hall, Sonoma Coast 2017 - $ 16 (glass), $ 37 (bottle)
  • Pinot Noir, Belle Glos "Balade" 2020 - $ 15 (glass), $ 37 (bottle)
  • Cabernet Sauvignon, Caymus, Napa Valley 2019 - $ 34 (glass), $ 125 (bottle)
  • Island Sangria - $ 10
  • Mermaid's Mai So - $ 10
  • Butterfly Martini - $ 10
  • Kyoto 75 - $ 9
  • Samurai Medicine - $ 9
  • Spritz - $ 9

Wine selection

Champagne and sparkling

  • Santa Margherita Sparkling Rose, Italy NV - $ 12 (glass), $ 23 (half bottle)
  • Steora Brut, Russian River Valley NV - $ 9 (glass), $ 31 (bottle)
  • Accademia Prosecco Superiore, Treviso NV - $ 13 (glass), $ 47 (bottle)
  • Bollinger Special Kuvi Brute, Aÿ NV - $ 28 (glass), $ 135 (bottle)


  • Garganega, Pieropan Soave Classico, Veneto 2017 - $ 10 (glass), $ 33 (bottle)
  • Wrestling, Robert Weil Truken 2015 - $ 16 (glass), $ 59 (bottle)
  • Pinot Greece, Willamette Valley Vineyards 2019 - $ 13 (glass), $ 47 (bottle)
  • Chardonnay, Fevre "Champs Royaux", Chablis 2017 - $ 19 (glass), $ 70 (bottle)

Cold sex

  • Sec Baby Junmai Ginjo - $ 19 (300ml)
  • Hevensek Junmai - $ 9 (glass), $ 39 (720ml)


  • "The Palm" by Whispering Angel, Provence 2020 - $ 15 (glass), $ 54 (bottle)


  • Pinot Noir, Siduri, Santa Rita Hills 2018 - $ 18 (glass), $ 61 (bottle)
  • Sangioves, BB Gretz Kasamatta, Tuscany 2019 - $ 13 (glass), $ 47 (bottle)
  • Merlot, Rombauer, Napa Valley 2018 - 29 (glass), $ 110 (bottle)
  • Cabernet Sauvignon, Caymus, Napa Valley 2019 - $ 199 (bottle)

Special cocktail

  • Sparkling Pineapple - $ 12
  • Mango Mint Colada - $ 12

More on their Sunset Lounge menu Here.

Information about Mariposa

Address: Level Three 1450 Ala Moana Blvd. Honolulu, HI 96814

Schedule: Sunday - Wednesday (11:30 AM - 4:30 PM), Thursday - Saturday (11:30 AM - 6:30 PM)

Contact address: 808-951-3420

Website: Mariposa

Social Media Channel: Instagram, Facebook


Majestic by Atlantis Cruise – Waikiki Sunset Cocktail Cruise Experience

Here is my amazing sunset cocktail cruise experience Majestic by Atlantis Cruise! Learn more about them below.

Aloha! Guess what I did when I was in Hawaii excluding all the tours? A sunset cocktail cruise! The excitement before I climbed was indescribable! During the cruise I went completely away after that, I told myself I would go back here and I would share my experience with many of you!

Majestic by Atlantis Cruise

A sunset cruise to Hawaii is always a good idea. Enjoying the view, the calm of the water, and the cocktail in our hands haha! Are you thinking of going on a cruise to Hawaii? You're on the right page A bucket list of me for cruising sunset cocktails in Hawaii was filled by Atlantis Waikiki Boarding Majestic.

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Atlantis Cruise

Atlantis Cruise has a new ship that will exceed everyone's expectations - Majestic. It will sail off the coast of Oahu and guests will be able to enjoy a dinner cruise here at sunset or other events.

Majestic by Atlantis Cruise

Majestic by Atlantis Cruises provides guests with an unforgettable boarding experience. Once you enter, their friendly and attentive staff will welcome you. This 150-foot majestic is Atlantis' new cruise ship. It has a sleek, yacht-like design that proudly stands out in all its glory.

It is designed to host lots of events and provide top notch services for couples, families, tour groups and individual functions.

The ship's two stylish, spacious air-conditioned decks lined with panoramic windows and high ceilings will surely amaze you and make you feel the island's obsession. Once you step out of the huge open-air top deck to see the outside, you'll be greeted by the beauty of the Hawaiian skyline. You can simply enjoy the sunset while drinking your cocktail with friends, family or your partner.

Drinks offered at The Majestic

Once you ride the Majesty, you will receive a complimentary welcome drink. However, there are more drinks available on boarding from which you can choose!

Signature cocktail

Original cocktails are crafted and carefully crafted by Majestic's talented bartenders.

  • Blue "Sweet Escape" - Splash of gray goose vodka, simple syrup, lime juice, fresh strawberries and soda water.
  • Star "Shaka" - Lemon drop-inspired martini that is both delicious and beautiful.
  • Justin's "Sweet Wahine" - Gray Goose Vodka, Grand Marnier, Cranberry Juice, Grenadine and Orange Juice.
  • Rue's "Pineapple Sunrise" - Gin, pineapple juice, lemon juice, grenadine and pineapple garnish in the tank.

Majestic cocktail

  • Royal fair - Splash of Soho Lychee Liqueur, Vodka, Lemonade and Cranberry Juice.
  • Sunset beach - Coconut rum, raspberry liqueur, orange, pineapple and cranberry juice.
  • Diamond Head Dream - Watermelon liqueur, vodka, pineapple juice and splash of sprite.

They also serve classic cocktails and beers, see more Here. In addition to drinks, you can buy snacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where to book a cruise?

You can book a cruise directly Here. Just select your preferred date.

2. What is the rate?

Sunset cocktail cruises cost $ 65 for adults 13 and older and $ 32.50 for children 3-12. For children under 2, the ride is free.

3. When is the cruising schedule?

Throughout the year they make sails; Spring / summer season from 6 February to 15 September (6 PM - 7:30 PM). Autumn / Winter from 16 September to 15 February (5:15 PM - 6:45 PM)

4. Where to reach them?

Contact: 1-800-381-0237


Social Media Channel: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

5. What to remember before boarding?

Atlantis Cruise wants you to remember that Majestic is leaving Pier 6, Aloha Tower Marketplace, is located at 301 Aloha Tower Drive. You must check in at least 30 minutes before departure. The cruise is about 1.5 hours. Depending on the seasons mentioned above, times may vary and may change due to unforeseen events such as weather conditions.

Majestic by Atlantis Cruise

To cancel, you need to call them (1-800-381-0237) within 24 hours of your check-in time so you can avoid penalties. If you cancel or do not show up within 24 hours, you will need to pay in full.


Liliha Bakery – The best bread and pastry shop in Waikiki

Freshly opened Liliha Bakery Waikiki is a must see not only for their delicious pastries, but also for their other food choices!

We like to eat some sweets sometimes and like you, I like to eat them too (although I have to consider my diet, how can I say “no” to dessert? Hahaha!) Well, desserts are also known to reduce our stress, because it makes us happy. (I don't know if it's just me! Lol) As long as we eat the right amount depending on our health condition, there will be no problem.

For this reason, whenever I travel, I always find something sweet to eat that will quench my thirst. Of course, I was in Hawaii so it’s not surprising that there are plenty of options out there. I was on Waikiki for a while when I found out about the newly opened Lilyha Bakery.

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About Lilyha Bakery Waikiki

Liliha Bakery Opened in 1950. They make cakes and pastries from scratch using local ingredients. The unique baking method they have has been practicing for decades to maintain the same original deliciousness of food!

Liliha Bakery
Photo from Lilyha Bakery's Facebook page

It began its expansion in 2014 with the opening of a second branch on Nimitz Highway and is located at the third and fourth Ala Moana Shopping Center Masier (March 2019) and their new, International Market Place in Waikiki (November 2021).

In addition to signature cakes and bread, Liliaha Bakery offers customized cakes for a variety of occasions in the original location of Kuakini. In their menu, you will find 150 baked goods that will surely fulfill all your sweet desires!

What to order?

As I mentioned above, there are literally 150 baked goods on their menu so choosing the best one to eat is a difficult decision.

I visited their Waikiki location, and these are the foods you can try.

Waffard, A waffle, custard, blueberries, strawberries, mixed nuts and whipped cream all combine to make the mouth delicious. You can add eggs, sausage, spam, ham, etc. as add-ons with extra charge.

For their breakfast selection, try their Country Style Omelette, which has 2 eggs, including green and round onions, tomatoes, spinach, and the like: bacon, ham, Vienna sausage, pork sausage, Portuguese sausage, or spaghetti. In addition, another one you shouldn't miss is Smoke Pork Belly & Eggs, which has a strip of belly smoked pork belly with 2 eggs! The smell is very tempting. Yam!

Liliha Bakery

If you want more than just breakfast, you can try their famous butter roll, rice, corn and curved prime rib served with your favorite mixed greens or potato-mac salad. Choosing their salad is a perfect meal to keep your meal in balance; Argula salad with grilled salmon, spinach salad with grilled shrimp, cob salad with grilled chicken.

Of course, a dine-in at Liliha Bakery is not complete without trying their pastry. Lots to like! Puffs, Donuts, Danish, Squares and Rounds, Rolls and more! From cocoa puffs to strawberry shortcakes, your cravings for dessert will be fulfilled here.

Price list

Note: This price list is from their main website.

Lilyha Bakery Best Seller

Features breakfast

  • Final berries and nuts - 16.95
  • Waffard - 16.95


  • Country Style Omelette - 16.50
  • Smoked pork belly and eggs - 18.95
  • Kim Chi Fried Rice - 18.95
  • Loco Moko with Fried Rice - 19.50

Daily special

  • Engraved prime ribs - 10 oz. ($ 29.65), 16 oz (38.95)
  • Engraved Prime Rib and Lobster Tail - $ 49.95
  • New York steak and shrimp - $ 39.95
  • Mushroom Chicken - 19.50

Lunch, dinner

  • Hamburger Steak (Ground Chalk) - $ 18.95
  • Chicken Carriage - 18.95

Local favorite


  • Argula Salad with Grilled Salmon - $ 21.95
  • Spinach Salad with Fried Shrimp - $ 21.95
  • Cob Salad with Grilled Chicken - $ 21.95

Four-broiled burgers

  • Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger with Mushrooms - 19.95

Lilyha Bakery Pastry


  • Cocoa Puff - $ 2.19
  • Cream Puff - $ 2.19
  • Green Tea Puff - $ 2.29


  • Apple Danish - 2.89
  • Blueberry Danish - $ 2.89
  • Cinnamon Nuts Danish - 2.89


  • Ham and cheese rolls - $ 3.49
  • Ham, onion, bacon roll - $ 3.49
  • Tuna and ham rolls - 3.49
  • Tarot Roll - $ 6.59


  • Apricot Scone - 3.29
  • Blueberry Scone - $ 3.29
  • Cranberry Scone - $ 3.29


  • Apple Malasada - 3.49
  • Boston Cream Donut - 3.59
  • Maple Bacon Donut - 3.49
  • Crescent Donut - $ 2.59
  • Glazed Donut Twist - $ 1.80
  • French Donut - $ 2.25
  • Then the cobbler donut - 2.39

Square and round

  • Blueberry Cream Square - 3.80
  • Bread pudding - $ 2.59
  • Chocolate Cherry Square - $ 2.59
  • Cornbread - $ 2.19
  • Fruit basket with custard - 4.95
  • Lemon Coconut Square - 2.69
  • Jello Cream Square - 3.29
  • Pineapple Round - $ 4.39

Other pastries

  • A pan - 2.99
  • Apple Turnover - 3.55
  • Butter Horn - 2.95
  • Chocolate Croissant - 3.25
  • Chocolate E'Clair - 3.79
  • Ensenada - $ 3.29
  • Sweet Potato Crescent - $ 2.79

Baked and packed

  • Brownie Dozen - $ 9.50
  • Dozens of Chocolate Chips - 5.99
  • Lady Finger Dozen - 6.50
  • Russian Tea Cookie Dozen - $ 7.89
  • Dozens of sesame cookies - 7.99
  • Sweet bread - $ 8.50

Refrigerated cakes and pies

  • Banana Royal Cake - 29.50
  • Dream Cake - 28.50
  • Strawberry Shortcake - 34.50
  • Chocolate Cream Pie - 19.50
  • Cheesecake - $ 10.95

Cupcakes and muffins (all 3.49)

  • Banana Chantilly Cupcake
  • Decorated cupcakes
  • Blueberry Strucell
  • Chocolate Orio Cupcake
  • Rocky Road Cupcake
  • Cupcake filled with guava

Non-refrigerated cakes

  • All Butter Pound Cake - 8.75
  • Banana Chantilly Loaf - $ 8.95
  • Chocolate Dobash Cake - 28.50
  • Chiffon Cake - $ 7.95

These are just some of the foods. You can see more of their menu Here.


Why you should eat at Restaurant 604 in Honolulu, Hawaii!

Restaurant 604 Honolulu is one of the most visited restaurants in Hawaii and you should find out why!

If Hawaii has more to explore than just beaches and islands, this is their food! Whether it’s modern or traditional cuisine, Hawaiian cuisine is flavorful and hard to resist. For this reason, restaurants, especially in Honolulu, are very competitive when it comes to serving the best food to their visitors.

Restaurant 604

For our travelers, this may be good news because we have so many options to choose from. It is not difficult to find a great restaurant in the vicinity of the area that can satisfy our desires. However, most people tend to eat the cheapest, most affordable but delicious food. I mean, who doesn't want that, does he? If you are looking for that restaurant too, then you are on the right page! Let me introduce you to Restaurant 604 in Honolulu, Hawaii. They offer mouth-watering meals ranging from seafood and meat to cocktails!

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About restaurant 604

Restaurant 604 is said to be one of the best restaurants in Honolulu With its American cuisine and affordable island-inspired food, everyone can enjoy Hawaiian classics while spending an amazing time on the island.

Moreover, since the restaurant is located right next to the Arizona Memorial Visitor Center, you can dig in with your family or friends just a day after exploring the center. Restaurant 604 offers a full-service bar with about 20 beers to choose from. If you're not into beer, they have plenty of wine and lots of tropical drinks! This is the time to have a romantic drink at sunset.

What to order?

Honestly, choosing what to order at Restaurant 604 is a difficult task. Their menu includes everything from lunch, dinner and brunch to a selection of bars and puppies. But here are the foods that I recommend you try!

To start your visit at Restaurant 604, try using their coconut shrimp as an appetizer. It is served with citrus Thai chili sauce. The shrimp is amazing and perfectly combined with the chili sauce. Even though this dish is already filled, you can't stop yourself from ordering food again.

Another seafood feast? Try their salmon bombs. It is furikeke rice, garlic aioli, and Kabayaki.

To satisfy your craving for meat, why not try their fire-grilled ribs? It's on their dinner menu. 12oz ribeye with melted butter, and paired with mashed potatoes and vegetables, you'll want more!

Of course, you can't miss the bar and pops menu. Choose their cocktails, beer and wine to get your best drink while you are in Honolulu.

Price list

Note: This price list is from their main website.

Appetizers (these options are available for both lunch and dinner)

  • Spinach Artichoke Dip - $ 13
  • Calamari - $ 16
  • Coconut Shrimp - $ 15
  • Crispy pork - $ 15
  • Buffalo Wings - $ 17
  • Salmon bomb - $ 16
  • Kalua Nachos - $ 15
  • Pok Nachos - $ 18
  • Firecracker Chicken - $ 16
  • Pok (sesame and spicy) - $ 17
  • Fried - $ 7
  • Fried Garlic - $ 8
  • Furica Fried - $ 8

Soup and salad

  • Green Salad - $ 8
  • Caesar - $ 9
  • World famous clam chowder - cup ($ 6) bowl ($ 8)


On the Bun (served with fry)

  • 604 burgers - $ 17
  • Grilled Ahi Club - 17
  • Chicken Sandwich - $ 16
  • Cuban - $ 15

Plate lunch

  • Chicken Katsu - $ 15
  • Ahi Katsu - $ 17
  • Kalua pork - $ 15
  • McNaught Mahimahi - $ 18

More options

  • Fish Tacos - $ 16
  • Fish & Chips - $ 17
  • Crazy Moko - $ 17



  • 604 burgers - $ 17
  • Chipotle Mango Ribs - Half ($ 24) Full ($ 36)
  • Fire-Grilled Ribe - $ 33


  • Furica ahi - $ 26
  • Fish & Chips - $ 17
  • McNaught Mahimahi - $ 24
  • Seafood Alfredo - $ 24

More options

  • Here Parmesan Chicken - $ 20
  • Grilled Salmon Steak - $ 27
  • Creamy Turtleini - $ 23


604 children 11 years and under (fountain drink included)

  • 604 Breakfast - $ 7
  • French Toast - $ 7


  • 604 Breakfast - 13
  • Ultimate Country Fried Steak - 19
  • French Toast - 11
  • 6-0 Cristo - $ 15

You can see more of their menus including bars and puppies so there are plenty of options, Here.

Information about restaurant 604

Address: 57 Arizona Memorial Dr # 108 Honolulu, HI, 96818

Monday - Thursday | 10:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Friday | 10:30 am - 11:00 pm
Saturday | 9:30 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Sunday | 9:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Contact address: 808-888-7616

Email: [email protected]

Main Website:

Social Media Channel: Instagram, Facebook


If you want to start a new life outside of the Philippines, you have to go to 7 countries

If you are thinking of moving to a new country, you are on the right page. If you want to start a new life outside the Philippines, here are the best countries to visit

If you want to start a new life outside of the Philippines, you have to go to 7 countries
Picture of Sigmama CC by 2.0

Sometimes we get tired of doing the same thing every day. Dealing with the same problem, people and situations, it is tedious and we know it. We all have personal problems that we are quietly fighting, but somehow we get to the point where we ask ourselves if this is really worth our time. Some people choose to continue fighting, others choose to start a new life. The question of moving to another country if you can afford it, why not? So, in this article, we have summarized the countries where Filipinos can move more easily than other regions.

1. Montenegro

Montenegro is one of the best countries to relocate, especially since the process is easier than in other European countries. The rules here are still not strict so getting a residence permit is going to be much easier. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Those options could be education, government grants, work permits, getting married in Montenegrin, buying property, starting a company or getting medical treatment.

My Birthday Party in Catamaran Tahiti Montenegro 10's Biggest Sailing Party Boat

You have to have one Temporary residence permit First you can renew every year and then change to a Permanent residence permit After 5 years. After living in Montenegro for 10 years, you are now eligible to apply for Montenegrin citizenship.

If you do not know where to start or have no idea about the process, requirements, validity, etc., we are here to help you! You can book our services for related help and advice Moving to Montenegro.

However, if you are already interested in immigrating to Montenegro, we can help you get a Type D visa for a residency permit and this can be done in 2 to 3 months and Will act as a guarantor as required by law (guarantors are interviewing local MUP police here and must submit notarized documents).

Learn more about Montenegro before you move:

2. Australia

As a country rich in natural wonders and diversity, Australia is one of the top Filipino countries when considering immigration abroad.

If you want to start a new life outside of the Philippines, you have to go to 7 countries
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In moving here, Filipinos have several options for becoming full citizens of Australia; A work visa, an invitation from family members, or studying. From here, you can later convert them to another permit

Just to give you a glimpse, many Filipinos have moved to Australia as permanent residents, although you can choose whether you want to live temporarily or permanently. You can become a permanent resident through 3 divisions; Family-flow, work-flow, and business or investment-flow.

  • Family Stream - Under the Family-Flow section, these are for partners, parents or dependent relatives of Australian citizens or New Zealand citizens.
  • Workflow - For this section, you will be invited to work in Australia.
  • Business or investment flow - If you plan to become a business owner, entrepreneur or investor in Australia.

More about Australia is leaving here.

3. New Zealand

No doubt, many Filipinos want to go to New Zealand, I mean, who doesn't? Less corrupt government, quality of life and security is outstanding! Plus scenery? New Zealand is truly a country that many Filipinos dream of. So, how to move here? Is it possible for Philippine passport holders? Of course!

If you want to start a new life outside of the Philippines, you have to go to 7 countries
Picture of Pedro Szekely CC BY-SA 2.0

Similar to Australia, there are several options for people to choose to settle permanently in New Zealand:

  • Through a job or business - Under this category, there are different types of visas such as Skilled Immigrant, Investor Resident Visa, Entrepreneur Resident Visa, Talent / Work Resident Visa and Long Term Skill List Work Visa.
  • Through family- Types of visas are Partner, Parent Resident Visa, Parent Retirement Resident Visa and Dependent Child Resident Visa.

You can read our article about it How to get to New Zealand Learn more about the process and requirements.

4. Canada

If you ask a Filipino where they would like to immigrate if given a chance, most of them will answer "Canada". Canada is a very open country for immigrants, so people always choose this place if they want to start a new life outside the Philippines.

Here are the best ways to get to Canada (9 ways to be specific):

  • Express entry
  • Provincial nominated program
  • Quebec-selected skilled workers
  • Caretaker
  • Immigration pilot
  • Family Patronage
  • Self-reliant
  • Start-up visa
  • Students

Of these, the most common are student, caring, and family sponsorship. There are different rules and requirements for following each type. To learn more about each of these programs, you can check out our article here.

Countries where you can get citizenship through investment

In addition to the countries mentioned above, you can only get citizenship by investing! If you are planning to become an investor then the following countries are the best countries to leave Travel facilities are very attractive!

Also read: 12 countries where you can get citizenship through investment

5. Antigua and Barbuda

Minimum investment: USD 100,000
Time frame: 3-6 months
Official Official Website:
Travel facilities: Visa-free in 151 countries

6. St. Lucia

Minimum investment: USD 100,000
Time frame: 3-4 months
Official Official Website:
Travel benefits: Visa-free in 146 countries

7. Dominica

Minimum investment: USD 100,000
Time frame: 3-4 months
Official Official Website:
Travel benefits: Visa-free in 152 countries

8. Vanuatu

Minimum investment: USD 130,000
Time frame: 1 month
Official Official Website:
Travel benefits: Visa-free in 130 countries

9. St. Kitts and Nevis

Minimum investment: USD 150,000
Time frame: 1.5 - 2 months
Official Official Website:
Travel benefits: Visa-free in 165 countries

10. Grenada

Minimum investment: USD 150,000
Time frame: 3 - 4 Insects
Official Official Website:
Travel benefits: Visa-free in 153 countries

11. Cambodia

Minimum investment: USD 250,000
Time frame: 3-6 months
Official Official Website:
Travel benefits: Visa-free in 54 countries

12. Turkey

Minimum investment: USD 250,000
Time frame: 3-6 months
Official Official Website:
Travel benefits: Visa-free in 125 countries

13. Malta

Minimum investment: Euro 600,000 or about USD 725,000
Time frame: More than 1 year
Official Official Website:
Travel benefits: Visa-free in 184 countries

14. Jordan

Minimum investment: USD 1,000,000
Time frame: 5 years +
Official Official Website:
Travel benefits: Visa-free in 51 countries

15. Cyprus

Minimum investment: EUR 2,000,000 / USD 2,400,000
Time frame: 6 months
Official Official Website:
Travel benefits: Visa-free in 174 countries

Residency through investment in Europe

If in that case, the financial requirements are too complicated for you, you can first get a residence a few years later before applying for citizenship. The fastest way to live by investing.

Read more: 9 European countries where you can get a home by investing

16. Austria

Minimum investment: Euro 50,000
Accommodation: 2 years
Official Official Website:
Travel benefits: Freedom of the EU movement

17. Latvia

Minimum investment: Euro 250,000
Accommodation: 5 years
Official Official Website:
Travel benefits: Freedom of the EU movement

18. Italy

Minimum investment: Euro 250,000
Accommodation: 2 years
Official Official Website:
Travel benefits: Freedom of the EU movement

19. Greece

Minimum investment: Euro 250,000
Accommodation: 5 years
Official Official Website:
Travel benefits: Freedom of the EU movement

20. Portugal

Minimum investment: EUR 350,000
Accommodation: 1 year
Official Official Website:
Travel benefits: Freedom of the EU movement

21. Spain

Minimum investment: Euro 500,000
Accommodation: 2 years
Official Official Website:
Travel benefits: Freedom of the EU movement

22. Monaco

Minimum investment: Euro 1,000,000
Accommodation: 3 years
Official Official Website:
Travel facilities: Freedom of movement in France

23. Ireland

Minimum investment: Euro 1,000,000
Accommodation: 3 years
Official Official Website:

If you want to start a new life outside the Philippines, you have to go to these countries. Remember that restarting is never easy but can be fulfilling at the same time. Have a good start to your journey!


Summer skin care: 6 tips from BYouLaserClinic

Here are BYouLaserClinic's best summer skin care routines that will help you prepare for the upcoming hot season.

Summer is a fun time. With long hours of daylight, we can spend long hours outdoors - on the beach or on fishing trips. We can climb mountains or go on long vacations. We can party till late at night.

Summer skin care routine by BYouLaserClinic

However, dry, hot or humid weather can damage your skin, so you must focus on your summer skin care routine. Summer can be a time of scarring, discoloration and dull skin. It can cause rashes, melasma, seasickness and other problems. Sunburn can lead to stubborn tan and summer acne breakouts. Remember, routine skin care routine changes are essential because the threat to your skin at this time of year will be different than in winter.

Hot skin care tips

Here are some very useful summer beauty tips -

  • Wear sunscreen
  • Use an effective toner
  • Wash your face frequently to remove excess oil - the skin will become more oily in the heat
  • Make sure your skin is hydrated
  • Avoid heavy makeup

Choose a good skin care routine. Sometimes, it is best to seek professional help, especially if you have any skin problems or concerns.

If you live in Brooklyn and the surrounding NYC area, you can visit Laser and Aesthetic Treatment Center for your summer skin care. The clinic offers comprehensive treatment for the face and body. The staff members trained here are all certified medical aesthetics. Here's a very simple skincare checklist for the summer from this NYC clinic.


Avoid direct sun exposure in summer. But sometimes, we have urgent work to do, so we must take risks. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen or moisturizer with a minimum SPF of 30. Apply it on all parts of your exposed body. Don't forget your lips, ears, legs, neck and hands - we will often overlook these areas. Most people will only apply it on their face and hands, which can be a big mistake. This may be the most important summer skin care tips to remember.

Also remember, you need to re-apply sunscreen once every two hours or so. That way, if you have to spend a lot of time outside in the summer, you should pack extra. Applying the cream will also take care of your summer skin.

Keep moisturizing

Winter air is drier than summer. However, you should still apply moisturizer in warm season as summer air can also be dry. Heating a heavy product can reduce the weight of your face. They can also soothe pores, acne and inflammation in your skin, especially if you have oily skin or your skin is prone to acne.

It is better to use a lighter. You can also use a combination product that works with both sunscreen and moisturizer.

Again, a moisturizer with an SPF of 300 or higher will provide an extra layer of protection. SPF refers to the measurement of UV radiation that can cause sunburn on protected skin, which means when you apply sunscreen.

Lighten up your skin care routine

Your overall summer skin care routine should also be light. With all the humidity and heat of summer, it would be a good idea to stop using a heavy cleanser and use something mild and foamy instead. It will do you much good.

Summer Beauty Tips

Use vitamin C serum

Vitamin C is good for the human body throughout the year. This will prevent hyperpigmentation, improve collagen production in your body and reduce the appearance of fine lines on your skin. So, use vitamin C topical antioxidant in summer. Remember, the sun's UV rays do a lot of damage to the skin, so it will always help to get extra protection. For best results, use your vitamin C after cleansing the skin during the day and before going to bed.

Use exfoliate

Skin exfoliation has many benefits-

  • It will moisturize your skin
  • This will give you more radiant and radiant skin
  • This will give you a glimpse immediately
  • This will prepare your skin for make up
  • Prevents skin pores from getting stuck, which means, your acne will be less
  • Exfoliation removes impurities

Many people are wary of exfoliating in the winter because they fear it will dry out their skin. There are no worries about summer, which is another reason to take care of your summer skin. It works for all skin types, even oily skin. Incorporate exfoliation into your regular skin care routine to increase collagen production, which increases skin elasticity, gives you radiant skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and sagging skin.

Stay in the shade

This is really a no-brainer. In the summer season, especially under the midday sun, you need to be in the shade as much as possible. Go under the shade wherever you can, be it a tree or an umbrella.

If you have to go outside, make sure you wear sun-protective, such as loose-fitting cotton shirts, a wide-brimmed hat, light shade clothing that will reflect light and will not absorb it, and sunglasses. Avoid wearing long sleeve shirts if possible. Accessories that you wear should also be protective.


Hot weather can damage everyone's skin. Hot rashes, also called malaria, and thorny heat can become chronic if not protected in the summer. When the pores of the skin are closed, heat rashes occur, which causes sweat to get stuck under the skin. It can cause red lumps and even blisters. There may also be other complications. Excessive sun exposure can cause sunburn and heat stroke. Remember these tips, be careful and don't compromise on your summer skin care. You must be right.


6 unique Mykonos Beach Clubs

Check out the top 6 unique Mykonos Beach clubs that you should visit while you are on the island.

Mykonos is an island that never sleeps. Although it gives the impression of a quiet destination primarily because of its charm, in fact, the island of the wind is Greece's response to the Ibiza Challenge. At night, Mykonos confirms its reputation as a haven for ubiquitous "party lovers" who make fun of the legendary party until the final fall, and present the elite of the most famous DJs and celebrities.

6 unique Mykonos Beach Clubs
Picture of Phanatic CC BY-SA 2.0

On the other hand, for those looking for a more comfortable nightclub - the options are just as numerous. From the most delicious bars in Little Venice to the traditional cocktail bar of Chora, you can choose the one that suits your taste.

6 unique Mykonos Beach Clubs
Photo by pravin.premkumar CC BY 2.0

6. Kalua

With the northern bay of Paraga Bay as the backdrop, a unique experience awaits you at Mykonos, where colorful elements blend into a great atmosphere, reaching perfection with music, drinks and food. After all, some people think of Kalua as the boho-chic paradise of Mykonos - and not without reason!

So, you can find the Kalua Beach Club in the famous beach Paraguay, which is marked with the principle of "a beach party every day". During the day, you can sip a fresh cocktail, such as Kalua watermelon, the trademark of the store, and dance till dawn under the warm sun of Aegean.

The bus leaves Fabrica Terminal and takes about 15 minutes to reach Paraga Beach.

5. Tropicana Beach Club

Tropicana is one of the warmest places on Paradise Beach. Throughout the day, this bar is for those who want to enjoy their breakfast by the sea or say goodbye to the day by playing the famous DJ from 4.30 pm.

Travel channels describe it as the island's "sexy" beach bar. It is the first choice for young and stylish visitors who promise to party till dawn.

Public transport connects Fabrica Station and the Old Port of Mykonos Town to Paradise Beach in about 20 minutes, or you can take a sea taxi from another beach, such as Platis Giallos, to get there.

4. Super Paradise

There are many famous stars and remorseful clubbers who visit the legendary Super Paradise Beach Club frequently. In addition to its unparalleled nightlife, Super Paradise is also known for its cozy atmosphere that combines with cool cocktails during the day until famous DJs start another legendary night. This is definitely a club you will want to go back to!

The shuttle bus leaves Fabrica Terminal every 30 minutes between 11:00 and 11:00 pm, and on your return, you can board one of the same buses running from 11.30 am to 11.30 pm. However, you do not want to leave this earthly paradise.

3. Cavo Paradiso Beach Club

Undoubtedly, Cavo Paradiso is the most famous club in Mykonos. Located on Paradise Beach, it is guaranteed to fill you with joy, since the party - literally - never stops. Even after sunrise there is dancing, socializing and drinking. The night is spent with famous DJs like David Guetta, Steve Aoki and Armin van Buuren; All this contributes to an unforgettable entertainment experience. However, we advise you to save one in advance.

Public transport connects Fabrica Station and Chora's Old Port to Paradise Beach in about 20 minutes, or you can take a sea taxi from another beach like Platis Giallos to get here.

2. Bring Santa

Located in a multi-purpose island-style location on the Perga coast, Santana hosts high-end organic restaurants, bars and lounges, exclusive brand luxury boutiques, a spa, beach cabana and VIP areas for guests to explore in complete privacy.

Arthur Chien, a pioneer, talented, and award-winning journalist and DJ, chooses music exclusively in the morning and throughout the day worldwide. Meanwhile, the internationally acclaimed Dzera beat increases and the party never stops.

1. Nomos

It has been said that if you do not spend a day at the Namos Club, it seems you have never been to Mykonos. It may sound a little extreme, but it is true; Nammos is the most cherished club of world famous celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Kendall Jenner and Maria Kerry.

Mykonos is a party paradise after all, where the party never ends. Famous DJs will play beats again till morning and you will be able to enjoy the best food and cocktails. During your stay, you can enjoy champagne and dance until dawn. The crystal clear water next to the club also adds to the experience.

6 unique Mykonos Beach Clubs

And, if you ever feel the need to take a break from all the parties, just take a break at the great, luxurious Mykonos Villa Once you've booked, recharge your battery and then restart!


Capture every moment professionally wherever you are!

"Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world." By Bruno Barbie.

Flightgrapher Capture every moment professionally wherever you are

No matter where we go, we always want to share our precious moments with many people. We always like to tell our stories during our wonderful travels. How not to say a word? Through photography!

The modernity of photography has gradually improved over the last few decades. We don't have to buy the film and wait a few weeks to see the pictures we took. We no longer have to worry about how we look at photographs because we are not used to seeing them in real time. At the moment, with just a few clicks on our mobile phones, we can take unlimited shots and even share them on social media for our friends and family to see.

Other articles you can read:

Photography is really something that has evolved so remarkably that it has become a “must do” in every event that happens in our lives. There is really something about birthdays, weddings, pre-weddings, debuts, graduations, anniversaries, and of course travel, photographs that we always want to share with others.


Since photography is now a part of our lifestyle, it has become a profession that takes months or even years to master. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. In addition, it is now common to hire a photographer for important events like weddings, pre-weddings or even maternity photoshoots.

For a traveler like me, I usually just take pictures using my phone and then share them on my social media feed and on my blog. However, if it is something that is valuable and important to me, I always make sure to capture those moments professionally. The problem is, I'm not a professional photographer, I travel a lot and travel a lot.


The kind of lifestyle I have, it can be time consuming to find someone who can take professional pictures of me while traveling. With good FlightgrapherIt's not hard anymore!

What is a flyographer?

Flightgrapher is where you can hire a photographer wherever you are! They are spread across 6 continents so it is very easy to hire a photographer from them. They have over 600 photographers and have already captured over 4 million photos for travelers like me.

When you use FlightGraph, you know that you always get the best experiences and photos to capture the special moments of life. Use the KACH50 code for a $ 50 discount on your next FlightGraph shoot or gift card.

How to book a photographer?

Flightgrapher Capture every moment professionally wherever you are

Step 1: Choose the date you plan to shoot and check if the photographer of your choice is available on that date. You can check their availability Here.

Step 2: The flight photographer will send you a confirmation within 24-48 hours if your selected photographer is available on the mentioned dates along with their start time. If they are not available, FlightGraph will help you find another photographer

Step 3: Once the selected photographer is available on confirmed dates, you can finally book and save a shoot.

Step 4: Finish the photoshoot. The day before the shooting you will have your shoot scoop itinerary and contact details for your photographer.

Step 5: Your photoshoot is ready for the day! Remember to have fun while shooting!


How much does it cost to book a photographer?

The price will depend on the package you choose. The most popular is "The Classic Souvenir", which costs 5 545 USD for a 90 minute shoot, with 45 shots in multiple locations, including digital files. You can check them out Here is the package price list.


Why should you hire a photographer with Flytographer?

Flightgrapher Capture every moment professionally wherever you are

Flight photographers don’t just do their job because they have to. Once you hire someone, you can feel complete passion and love for what they are doing. You could say that they enjoy capturing the special moments of different people which is a great experience for any of us. It is also very easy to book and hire a photographer. With Flightgrapher, you don't have to worry about professional photographers even if you are out of town, just a few clicks and you will have your own photographer!

Please remember to use the KACH50 code for পরবর্তী 50 off your next Flightgrapher shoot or gift card.