Belad Bont Resort – Salalah, the first of its kind in Oman

Looks like a VIP at Salalar Belad Bont Resort! This is why you should be here when you are in town.

Can I say that I definitely had one of my best Middle East trips to Oman? After visiting the desert mascot and exploring the tunes, we headed straight to Salalah.

Belad Bont Resort is the first of its kind in Salalah, Oman

There is so much to see in Oman that my stay in Salalah was clearly not enough. My visit was completed by the hospitality of the Omani people and the amazing customer service at my home Belad Bont Resort in Salalah. Below is some more of my stay at Belad Bont Resort!

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Salalah, what to do in Oman

1. Sultan Qaboos Mosque

The second largest mosque in Oman and must see. Sultan Qaboos Mosque is beautiful and breathtaking to look at! The prayer hall is decorated with marble and covered with a huge Persian carpet. Non-Muslims can visit the mosque every morning (except Fridays). Remember that appropriate clothing must be worn. Hair for women must be covered, not short dresses and shoulders should also be covered. Definitely worth a visit!

2. Beach hopping!

Salala has a few beaches that you must visit! If you have plenty of time, you can spend a day on the beach after exploring some popular attractions. Here are the beaches you should visit.

  • Al Mugsail Beach- You just have to see this dream-like beach, an infinitely long white beach about 6km, with water like the Caribbean. A very good reason to come back to Salala.
  • Al Fizayah Beach – Another Caribbean feeling in the Orient. Great nature and clear water that changes to blue and turquoise! To get there, you have to descend a hill and find yourself in a primitive and secluded paradise. Highly recommended!
  • Marnif Cave- One of the most scenic tourist destinations in the vicinity of Salalah. The entrance to this attraction is already impressive. Cliff and Groto are on the west end of Al Mugsail Beach.

3. Sumhuram Old City

Suhhuram Old City is manageable but definitely worth a visit. The strategic importance of ancient times can only be imagined with a little imagination. All in all a spectacular excavation with a great view of the eastern port. The museum next door is also a must see.

4. Frankincense Land Museum

Between the old and new Salala is the Frankenstein Museum and archeological site. The museum is small but informative and interesting. Excavations are very extensive and not on hot days or mornings. Here you will not only learn something about incense but also a lot about the history of Oman which has been brought closer through the variable exhibition.

5. See other popular spots in Salala

A day in Salalah is not really enough because there are plenty of beautiful places to explore here. Here are the other popular spots of Salala that you should not miss!

  • Takah fort- A very nicely preserved castle, the bedroom still has an old four-poster bed and from above you get a beautiful view of the beach. A palm tree provides shade in the yard and a small incense tree is found. The fort was inhabited until 1984.
  • Earth’s gravity controversial – You have this experience! As if pulled by the hand of a ghost, the heavy off-road vehicle goes over a steep hill without engine power. The point is located between Takah and Wadi Darbat, at the beginning of the road to Dhofar Plateau.
  • Al Balid Archaeological Site- The excavations cover a historic period of about 800 years before the Portuguese domination in 1500 who changed the trade route and was the end of the city. You can see the remnants of houses, mosques and warehouses near the beach and the fresh water reserves from the fence located in the back hills.

Where to stay in Salalah, Oman

A luxury hotel and resort, Belad Bont Resort is located just west of the city of Salalah. It has 99 rooms that guests can choose from; Room (standard, higher, super deluxe), chalet and VIP suite. We kept running one of them!

During our 3 day and 2 night stay discovering what Salalah has to offer, we got the chance to stay at Belad Bont Resort which is also the first of its kind in Salalah!

Accommodation, dining, spa and gym and customer service are all top notch! My pictures are proof of how satisfied (and happy) I am with what I have felt at Belad Bounty!

Belad Bont Resort Restaurant

Belad Bont Resort is the first of its kind in Salalah, Oman

You know how much I love food, and when I recommend a particular dish or even a restaurant, trust me because that means you shouldn’t miss that food! If a food is not aligned with my taste buds I vocalize. Simply put, I actually want to tell you that I like Bellad Bont food. They even gave us a welcome cake, yes! (Diet? Never heard of it .. I know you too, haha!)

At Belad Bonte, they have 4 restaurants, a poolside juice bar, and exclusive facilities for women only which I think is really great;

  • Mosaic (dining all day)
  • Ottoman Restaurant
  • Rivera Lounge
  • Lagoon pool deck
  • Yasmin (The Lady Only Lounge)

Belad Bont Resort is the first of its kind in Salalah, Oman

I enjoyed everything from drinks to appetizers and staples. And since there are a few options for dining at Belad Bonnet, it’s pretty hard to choose where to eat, but of course, you can always try everything you want in your mouth!

Pampering in the spa and gym of Belad Bont

Having a belad distribution also means you need some pampering! The resort’s spa and gym are something you shouldn’t miss. They have Yasmin Spa which is exclusive for women where you will find a nail bar, a private indoor heated swimming pool and a gym designed for women! Yes!

You can spend some time in gold to release some bad “energy” from all the pressure this world has put on us. Hahaha!

Next, immerse yourself in the jacuzzi, ahh can you imagine how comfortable it is? Really dream!

My time in Oman is very limited but what I have heard before about this country is true, it was so much fun! That’s why even though I haven’t left the country yet, I’m already planning to go back! I hope one day I will bring you all here.

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