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For Lauren Richardson, Lauren’s suitcase travel blogger, Travel is all about being creative. That is, being creative with how he travels, where he travels, and how he manages his travel budget.

“As a graduate student, I have to evade my limited budget with my passion for travel,” Lauren told me. “I’m looking for ways to save on travel — from just carrying my carry-on bag and not taking a seat before check-in (no extra fees!) Relying on airfare deals and being as flexible as possible for the wrong fare.”

Write: COVID-19, and Lauren had to be creative with travel plans again.

“I plan a lot of road trips,” he said. “About six months into the epidemic, my fianc and I transformed a Subaru into a car-camper and traveled for two weeks in several of the (US) Rocky Mountain states.”

Without these countless obstacles, Lauren would not have been able to reach her favorite under-the-radar destination to this day: New Mexico.

“New Mexico has something for everyone! Food, culture, camping, national parks, a hot air balloon festival কাছে to me, it’s one of the most neglected destinations in the United States. I’m so glad I got the chance to visit.”

Travel plans? Sing to her ears

Whether on the road or in the sky, Lauren likes to keep her travel plans organized with Tripit.

“I wasn’t organized at all until I discovered Tripit,” he shared. “It is very helpful to have everything in one place. When I backpacked through Europe a few years ago, I booked many modes of transport: bus, train, plane — you name it. Having TripIt helped me keep track of it all. ”

“I use TripIt even when I don’t travel,” he said. “I’m a huge live music fan, so I forward all my tickets to the upcoming concert on the app – so I know what shows I’ve booked, where they’re playing and much more.”

About staying safe when traveling alone — and learning from the locals

Another TripIt feature is that Lauren relies on her ability to share her travel plans — a habit she has gotten, especially when traveling alone.

“I am just happy to be alone. I would stop traveling until I found a traveling friend, but then I had this aha-ha moment, like, why am I waiting to go with someone? “He shared.” But of course, I stay safe when I travel alone. I want to, so the ability to share my trip trip gives me and my family – peace of mind when I’m going alone. ”

Lauren also keeps track of her destination’s safety rating along with TripIt’s Neighborhood Safety scores, so she can plan ahead if she goes to a high-risk area.

So, what is his advice for making the most of a single trip? “Make friends with the locals! I like to go somewhere and pretend I’m there. So, I always ask the locals to get to know them and what they like to do.”

“I also choose to stay in hostels for travelers alone because their family dinners and walking tours are arranged which makes it easier to meet people,” he added.

Did you know A recent TripIt survey showed that one-third (33%) of Americans planning to travel alone said their trip would also be a bucket-list trip.

Any other tips for co-budget travelers — single or otherwise? “Always book your flight first,” he said. “And be flexible. Prices can change in just a day or two, so picking a good flight deal on a slightly different departure day can open up space in your budget for a trip you’ve seen.”

Want to know more about Lauren’s tips for budget travel? Check out her Instagram and blog for more ideas, and find out where she (and her suitcase she carries) next.

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