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Every traveler has his own choice when it comes to travel. Some prefer to travel in groups; Others prefer their own company — and the freedom to move around as they please. But when it comes to traveling as a couple, Joy and Hugh J. একে AKA, AfrostyleCity-have found a balanced job that works for them.

Whether it’s tackling their growing bucket list or their thought-provoking ideas for Instagram, this Dallas, Texas-based pair work together to create content and memories for each of their trips.

Life, business and travel partner

Before Joy met her husband Hughes, she traveled mostly alone. He finds that he really enjoys that style of traveling on group trips.

“Sometimes group travel can be frustrating because people want to sleep, or you don’t want to take advantage of the short time you have at the destination,” Joy shared. “There can be a lot of competitive priorities when it comes to group trips, so I’ve found that I prefer the freedom to travel alone.”

But now, Joy is more in favor of traveling with Hughes than with any other type of travel.

“We have the same travel style. We both want to plan ahead; Morning – after getting up in the morning; Make the most of the experience, ”he said.

“When we travel, we’re creating as much dope content together as possible,” Hugh added. “We’re planning ahead, but we’re also spontaneous about creating our content – and that’s what makes it so much fun.”

If you haven’t guessed, Joy and Hugh are travel content creators and bloggers. Their goal is to find hidden gems during their travels so that they can report the best things to their fans and followers when they visit a destination. They cover everything from flight, hotel and activity deals to reviews of destinations they’ve visited.

Their top tip for planning a trip? “Let the flights show the way. Find a great flight deal first – everything else comes later. ”

Planning, preparing, producing content, repeating

Flight – check! What now?

“We use TripIt to keep us organized at every step. It eliminates the dominance of a travel plan, ”said Joy. “It simply came to our notice then. We use it to create travel itineraries and keep track of the places we want to write about for our blog. “

“TripIt eliminates overwhelming. This is our version of a daily planner. ”

As they travel, Joy and Hugh rely on TripIt’s flight and gate change alerts to stay on top of any changes.

“During our travels, we take advantage of TripIt Plan our day. We can easily see reservations already booked and forwarded to the app, and then we fill in the blanks from there, “said Hugh.

After their trip, they use TripIt to reflect on where they traveled and what they did so they can easily retrieve their experiences for their followers.

The islands are calling …

From its sound, Joy and Hugh specialize in making the most of their time while traveling. So, are they a place everyone recommends visiting?

“Kauai, Hawaii,” Joy said. “It has this natural beauty that cannot be touched. It’s a completely different feeling. “

Hugh agreed. “It’s a place where we can go again and again and still discover something new every time. Anyone wishing to visit Kauai, we encourage you to go there and explore. There are activities for everyone. “

Planning their return trip to Kauai, Joy and what other destinations are on Hughes’ radar? Bora Bora, Bali, Ghana, Maldives, Nigeria, Paris and the Turks and Caicos জন্য to begin with.

What’s next for this traveling couple: “We’re going to San Antonio, Texas! And after that, we will let our curiosity about other people, countries and cultures guide us, ”they said.

Want to keep up with the aphrodisiacs, see their travel tips, and learn about the hidden gems they’ve discovered along the way? Follow them on Instagram and on their blogs for campaigns with them, away এবং and always together.

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