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Chung Dam BGC – Korean High End Dining Experience!

O Samguipsal lovers! Want to flatten out your Kbbq experience? I got some good news for you then: Chung Dam BGC!

Just this June 2022, Chung Dam, a high-end Korean restaurant, opened their BGC branch and we are so excited about it! I mean, how can we be quiet that they offer not only high quality premium beef but also fresh, yes fresh, seafood! I love seafood so being able to eat here was an exciting day for me.

Chung Dam BGC

So, without further ado, here is my complete experience with Chung Dam BGC and why you should try it here too.

What to eat at Chung Dam BGC

Chung Dam BGC

It was a normal Friday morning but my friends and I were longing for some kbbq. We love Samjiupsal so much that we decided to find a Korean restaurant to satisfy our cravings. Then, we saw that Chung Dam recently opened a new branch in BGC (they also have a branch in Mala.)

Chung Dam BGC

Once we entered the restaurant, that "high end" vibe instantly entered, it had a luxurious touch of atmosphere and full atmosphere! But, all of us have noticed that King Crab, Live King Crab! As I mentioned above, Chung Dam BGC also provides fresh seafood, so you know your food is going to be amazing!

Chung Dam BGC

In addition to King Crab, they have fresh salmon, halibut fish, USA beef and premium quality waggio! No worries because you may have plenty of Korean food that you can choose from their menu.

Chung Dam BGC

Premium quality beef and seafood

Chung Dam BGC

See that thick and pink flesh? It's literally worth the price for a photo! Hahaha! But really, even without any spices, the meat is so tender and full of flavor that it blends perfectly with the rice (rice is life!)

Chung Dam BGC

Moreover, Shabu Shabu was so good! It's not so spicy either, I'm not really good with spicy food so it's perfect for me!

Chung Dam BGC

Seafood? Oh God, it's heavenly good! I'm not even joking about it. I suddenly remembered those words while eating "Mukbang" I always see artists on YouTube.

Chung Dam BGC

Whenever they have seafood (mostly crab crabs), I always torment myself with the thought of having it. It just looks so good. And finally, when I got a chance to try it on Chung Dam, I was not disappointed! King crab is worth every penny!

Chung Dam BGC

Of course, other seafood is no exception, because they are all fresh, they are even tastier and tastier! Plus, with the right seafood sauce? Ah .. heaven!

Chung Dam BGC

Good thing BGC is not too far from my place, I can go back whenever I want to experience that high end Korean restaurant.

Chung Dam BGC

Chung Dam is something to know about BGC

Contact details to save: 0927 474 2167

Opening hours: 11 AM to 12 midnight (Monday-Sunday)

Address: Upper Ground Active Building, 9th Ave. Corner 28th Street Bonifacio Global City

Chung Dam BGC

They have a dining area and 15 VIP rooms to accommodate a minimum of 4 people. They have 1 large VIP room which is good for 24 packs! Perfect for a family dinner.

Chung Dam BGC

They also have a bar area if you want to drink some wine while enjoying your fresh seafood and lean meats!

Social Media Channel: Facebook

* You can check their latest rates on their FB page linked above.

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About the author

Fatima Turla 2Hi there! I Fatema. My first big trip was in 2016 to the beautiful city of Cebu. Then I became interested in traveling. Now I enjoy learning the language and culture of other countries. My goal is to visit at least one country each year and share my experiences with other people through writing or blogging. Follow me on Instagram to witness my journey


Top 10 Safe Cities for LGBTQ + Travelers – Tripit Blog

This month, many LGBTQ + travelers will similarly go out to celebrate summer trips and Pride Month. Yet, for this community of travelers, traveling is not as easy অথবা or just as safe অন্য for others. In some destinations, LGBTQ + travelers still face the risk of discrimination and loss, so it is incredibly important to know which destinations are the most open and welcoming, and which require a high level of caution and caution.

To that end, we've worked with our partner GeoSure (which enables TripIt's Neighborhood Safety Score feature) to understand what are the safest destinations for the LGBTQ + community, based on metadata analysis captured from hundreds of trusted sources.

Some of these sources include International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association, Gay Travel Index, Built Environment Variables and LGBTQ + Community Key, ACLED, Human Rights Campaign - Municipal Equality Index, Human Rights Index, Amnesty , Sharing statistics from the GEOC community, and security experience sharing.

Here are the top 10 safest cities for LGBTQ + travelers, according to GeoSure data.

10. Portland, Maine

LGBTQ + travelers

GeoSafeScore ™: 82/100

Portland has long welcomed (and embraced) LGBTQ + travelers হিসেবে the first major U.S. city to be publicly elected gay mayor বাড়ি and home to Guinness World Record holder Drag Quinn.

Every June, the city celebrates the proud month with a festival and parade. This year, it is held on Saturday, June 18th. And throughout the year, LGBTQ + travelers can enjoy drag performances, weird film festivals and dance parties, as well as sponsor dozens of LGBTQ + owned businesses in the city.

Did you know Travelers can access hyperlocal protection ratings for countless sections at any point on their TripIt itinerary for more than 65,000 cities and neighborhoods. Specifically, the LGBTQ + security score includes elements such as the possibility of harm or discrimination against an LGBTQ + individual or group and the level of caution required in a position. In the TripIt app, the Neighborhood Safety score focuses on the level of risk (although the ranking of the post represents the level of security).

9. St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

LGBTQ + travelers

GeoSafeScore ™: 82/100

Although many cities around the world celebrate the proud month in June, celebrations in St. John's - including Pride Week - begin in July. This year, both St. John's Pride Week and Come Home Choir begin July 15 The Pride Parade is held on Sunday, July 24

Need a place to stay? Visit Misterb & b. A vacation rental site that lists private rooms, apartments and LGBTQ +-friendly hotels that help you choose "welcome accommodation that suits your style and budget."

8. Boston, Massachusetts

LGBTQ + travelers

GeoSafeScore ™: 82/100

As the first capital city of the US state (Massachusetts) to legalize same-sex marriage, Boston has long welcomed LGBTQ + travelers.

Every April, the city hosts Wicked Queer, an LGBTQ + movie festival. For year-round art and culture, plan to visit Theater Offensive — a theater company that works to improve diverse voices and highlight the diversity of the LGBTQ + community through art.

Going to Boston to celebrate Pride Month? See the calendar of city events for all month-long celebrations, including their events with intersecting identities.

Looking for the safest neighborhood to visit in Boston? Chinatown is the most friendly, with a security score of 88 in the neighborhood.

Read more: City break: Boston

7. Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Safe City LGBTQ + Travelers

GeoSafeScore ™: 83/100

Each year, Kelona মধ্যে celebrates the LGBTQ + community with Kelona Pride, one of two cities in British Columbia to make this list. More than 12,000 people attend the annual event, which promotes "a fun and safe way to celebrate Kelona's diverse and accepting community."

Proud not visiting time? Throughout the year, countless LGBT2Q + activities are taking place in and around the city. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of outdoor activities - from hiking, boating and skiing to winery touring.

6. Stavanger, Norway

Safe City LGBTQ + Travelers

GeoSafeScore ™: 83/100

The Norwegian city of Stavanger has long been celebrated by the LGBTQ + community - the first official celebration since Gay Day began in 1998 and the following year. Since then, the first week of September has been celebrated.

This year, the Skeivå Rogaland Pride begins on August 29 and ends with a Pride Parade and Party on Saturday, September 3.

Visitors to Stavanger will enjoy the natural beauty of the city and surrounding area, including fjords, mountains and white beaches, as well as its many museums and charming old town.

5. Alicante, Spain

Safe City LGBTQ + Travelers

GeoSafeScore ™: 83/100

The port city of Alicante has beautiful beaches and a comfortable lifestyle. According to Travel Gay, the city "provides a great setting for gay customers. You'll find bars, sanas and a cruise club, with most of the space near the sea."

Benidorm, a town in Alicante, hosts an annual Pride Festival; Celebrations take place September 5-11, 2022.

4. Dundee, Scotland

LGBTQ + travelers

GeoSafeScore ™: 83/100

While Scotland's major cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh attract the lion's share of international visitors, the city of Dundee is the safest in Scotland (and the UK) for LGBTQ + travelers.

Dundee, a UNESCO City of Design, is Scotland's fourth largest city and home to scenic V&A museums, countless theaters and art centers, as well as cultural attractions such as a 45-minute self-guided Dundee Architectural Trail.

Planning to visit Dundee for Pride? Visit Dundee Pride's Facebook page for the latest information on events happening around the city.

3. San Francisco, California

LGBTQ + travelers

GeoSafeScore ™: 83/100

San Francisco is home to one of the largest and most prominent LGBTQ + communities in the United States. Its history is full of LGBTQ + activism and the fight for equality. According to some, it is the gay capital of the world.

San Francisco is one of the safest neighborhoods for LGBTQ + travelers, with a স্ক Castro District নিরাপত্ত security score of 92.

Planning to visit SF for pride? You will be spoiled for choice in the events and activities that take place across the city and the Gulf. You won’t want to miss the main event, the 52nd Annual San Francisco Pride Parade and Celebration, taking place June 25 and 26.

2. Granada, Spain

Safe City LGBTQ + Travelers

GeoSafeScore ™: 85/100

To some travelers, Granada is probably the birthplace and home of one of Spain's most famous LGBTQ + poets, Federico Garcia Lorca. Throughout the year, the city offers visitors the finer things in life: delicious food, local wine and the opportunity to get lost in the streets like its maze.

Going to Granada for pride? The city's festival - also known as the Orglo Granada - takes place throughout June

Tip: Follow Visible grenades For the latest updates on the Orgullo Granada event on Twitter.

1. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

LGBTQ + travelers

GeoSafeScore ™: 86/100

At the top, Victoria is the second largest city in British Columbia and the third largest in Canada.

So, what are the offers for LGBTQ + travelers? For starters, the Victoria Pride Festival runs from June 23 to July 2. And after a few years of cancellations and virtual events, this year is going to be bigger than ever. This year's festivities include a new parade route and an extended park layout for the week's countless signature events.

Not in town for pride? Victoria prides itself on beautiful beaches and lakes, parks and gardens, world-class entertainment and nightlife, and more.

Method: Partnered with TripIt Geosior, Which analyzes metadata captured from hundreds of trusted sources to determine the safest destination for LGBTQ + travelers. TripIt shows a safety score from 1 to 100, which represents a low to high risk, in the Neighborhood Safety Score section (powered by Geosur) within a itinerary.


Americans Celebrate the Fourth of July 2022 by Traveling Abroad – TripIt Blog

As Americans celebrate Independence Day on July 4th, this year, American travelers are choosing to celebrate by exploring their homeland.

TripIt analyzed US Origin flight, rental car, accommodation and vacation rental reservations made by our TripIt users for the 4th of July 2022 weekend and compared the results with the 2021 equivalent booking time.

We've seen that about 40% of all flight reservations on holiday weekends go to international destinations because Americans make up for lost time due to epidemic-era restrictions. We’ve also seen major metros continue to see a resurgence of tourists, although open spaces and destinations known for outdoor adventures continue to draw crowds.

The current percentage of flight reservations compared to the previous year

Flight 2022
Flight 2022
Flight 2022
2022 car rental2022 Accommodation2022 vacation rental
% Change from 2021+ 115%+ 68%+ 290%+ 48%+ 42%+ 31%

Long lines at the domestic airport

As seen increasingly during the holidays - most recently, Memorial Day Weekend 2022. Airports can expect crowds. From low staff-safety and discounts across the board to flight attendants and pilots যাত্র passengers can expect long lines and should be prepared for potential delays.

We expect the busiest airports to be:

  1. SFO - San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
  1. LAX - Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
  1. JFK - John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)
  1. ORD - Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD)
  1. BOS - Boston Logan International Airport (BOS)
  1. DEN - Denver International Airport (DEN)
  1. DWF - Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport (DWF)
  1. SEA - Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)
  1. EWR - Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)
  1. ATL - Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)

Those departing from these airports should be given extra time, especially if their flight is on Friday (7/1), the busiest day for departure or Tuesday (7/5), when most passengers will return. For the top five most popular airports, the busiest time to depart (and when you should be careful to give more time) will be:

The busiest airport hours based on departure reservation

AirportDateDeparture time (local)
SFOJuly 1

July 5

8 o'clock in the morning
1 p.m.
1 p.m.
8 o'clock in the morning
LAXJuly 1

July 5

9 o'clock in the morning
8 o'clock in the morning

7 o'clock in the morning
10 a.m.

JFKJuly 1

July 5

5 p.m.
6 pm

6 pm
9 p.m.

ORDJuly 1

July 5

8 o'clock in the morning
9 p.m.

12 noon
9 o'clock in the morning

BOSJuly 1

July 5

5 p.m.
6 pm

11 o'clock at night
6 pm

Although flights increased by more than 2X overall, international travel continued to be the strongest return with the number of booked international flights more than 4X higher than last year, accounting for about 40% or more of all flight departures over the weekend. It is built on the trend we saw at Memorial Day 2022 when one-third of flights went abroad. In fact, London is the number one destination, followed by Paris (# 7), Cancun (# 12), Barcelona (# 18), Rome (# 21), Lisbon (# 22), and Amsterdam (# 24).

Of the remaining domestic flights, about one-third are to California (15%), Florida, and about one-third of the remaining domestic flights are to California (13%), Florida (9%), and Hawaii (7%). ), Or Washington (5%).

Flight destination rankings and rank changes

2022 RankingCity, state2021 RankingRank change (2021 to 2022)
2Seattle, WA42
3Chicago, IL85
4Denver, CO1-3
5Las Vegas, NV3-2
6New York, NY104
8San Francisco, CA.113
9Boston, MA7-2
10Orlando, CA.2-8
11Los Angeles, CA.9-2
13Honolulu, HI6-7
14Minneapolis, MN206
15San Diego, CA.13-2
16Kahului, H.I.12-4
17Newark, NJ247
19Washington DC3112
20Atlanta, GA233
23Salt Lake City, UT15-8

Speed ​​bump at the pump

Despite record high gas prices, demand for rental cars remains high. While we may not see as strong YoY growth as we have seen in the past, we do see growth in conservation. And when the big cities reign in the top 25, they make a list of the lesser-anticipated destinations, including Anchorage, (# 16), St. Paul, MN (# 17), and Santa Ana, CA (# 21).

Car rental destination ranking and rank change

2022 RankingCity, state2021 RankingRank change (2021 to 2022)
1Denver, CO21
2Honolulu, HI31
3Seattle, WA2724
4Kahului, H.I.1-3
5Boston, MA50
6Chicago, IL104
7Orlando, FL4-3
8Los Angeles, CA.1810
9Lihu, HI134
10San Francisco, CA.111
11Las Vegas, NV9-2
12Salt Lake City, UT8-4
13Kailua-Kona, HI141
14San Diego, CA.162
15Portland, or6-9
16Anchorage, A.K.7-9
17St. Paul, MN258
18Nashville, TN5335
19New York, NY4425
20Sitak, WA12-8
21Santa Ana, CA.8261
22Newark, NJ6038
23Tampa, FL329
24Fort Lauderdale, FL17-7
25Miami, FL19-6

Americans keep an eye on big cities and big skies

We also see a similar mix of big cities and great outdoors when it comes to hotel and vacation rentals.

The big cities continue to call it a comeback, regaining its number one spot for New York City hotels, continuing to climb # 1 again to preserve New York City (# 2) hotels, where it reigned supreme. Chicago (# 3), Seattle (# 5), San Francisco (# 6), Los Angeles (# 10), Washington, DC (# 11), and other major metros have climbed into the top 25. Meanwhile, Anchorage (# 13), Denver (# 14), and Yellowstone (# 19) remain in the rankings despite a slight decline.

Vacation rentals, as usual, highlight a more eclectic mix of destinations. While major locations like Seattle (# 1), San Diego (# 2), Chicago (# 3), and New York City (# 8) are on the list, so are Bend, OR (# 10), Asheville, NC. There are also destinations (# 15), Myrtle Beach, SC (# 16), Port Angeles, WA (# 23), and Fredericksburg, TX (# 25).

Lodging destination ranking and ranking change

2022 RankingCity, state2021 RankingRank change (2021 to 2022)
1Las Vegas, NV10
2New York, NY31
3Chicago, IL85
4Orlando, FL2-2
5Seattle, WA116
6San Francisco, CA.93
7Honolulu, HI4-3
8Boston, MA6-2
9San Diego, CA.5-4
10Los Angeles, CA.166
11Washington DC176
12Nashville, TN120
13Anchorage, A.K.10-3
14Denver, CO13-1
15New Orleans, LA3318
16Portland, or14-2
17Minneapolis, MN9073
18Lahena, H.I.7-11
19Yellowstone, WY278
20Anaheim, CA.18-2
21Atlanta, CA.210
22Austin, TX15-7
23Miami, FL241
24Houston, TX6440
25Kissimi, FL316

Vacation rental destination ranking and ranking change

2022 RankingCity, state2021 RankingRank change (2021 to 2022)
1Seattle, WA76
2San Diego, CA.1-1
3Chicago, IL85
4Provincetown, MA2117
5Anchorage, A.K.3-2
6Honolulu, HI4-2
7Koloa, HI2922
8New York, NY3527
9Austin, TX90
10Turning, or2818
11Los Angeles, CA.2716
12Hilton Head Island, SC5-7
13Portland, or2-11
14Kissimi, FL173
15Asheville, NC10287
16Myrtle Beach, SC7660
17Lahena, H.I.14-3
18Nashville, TN6-12
19Washington DC15-4
20New Orleans, LA4525
21Princeville, HI4120
22Brooklyn, NY220
23Port Angeles, WA7552
24Colorado Springs, CO6339
25Fredericksburg, TX611586

Method: Looking at TripItUS main round trip Flight Reserved for travel between June 1, 2021 and June 1, 2022 July 4th holiday (Friday, July 1 - Tuesday, July 5, 2022), and equivalent booking periodIn 2021. Reservation data on TripIt is provided by users and the booking provider is agnostic.

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Stay one step ahead of planning to land through the world's highest rated travel planning app. Unlike other travel apps, TripIt can organize your travel plans wherever you book. Just forward your confirmation emails to [email protected] and in a matter of seconds, TripIt will create a major itinerary for each trip.


City Break: Detroit – TripIt Blog

City break (বিশেষ্য)): a short vacation in a city, such as during a business trip.

Before the pleasure trip, the city break was a short leisure time that gave you access to the cultural and culinary facilities offered by the big cities. In this TripIt series, we explore some of the best cities in the world for planning a quick trip or extending a work trip.

Here are our tips for taking the most breaks in your city in Detroit.

Where to fly

The Detroit metro area is served by the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW), located 20 miles west of downtown Detroit. One of the top 20 busiest airports in the United States, DTW is divided into two terminals, McNamara Terminal and Evans Terminal.

Once you land on DTW, cabs, ride shares and buses are available to connect you to your final destination. See the SMART bus schedule to plan your next trip.

Where to stay during your city break

City break Detroit

The Detroit Design-Forward Hotel offers, complete with world-class restaurants and dark afternoons (to see and to see).

For starters, the Detroit Foundation Hotel is a place where, whether you're staying overnight or not, thanks to its lively lobby bar and restaurant, The Apparatus Room (more on dining below). Furnished with modern dcor, the hotel’s spacious rooms have a 12-foot ceiling and a more generous feel for an open design.

Nearby, the Siren Hotel brings new life to the historic Wurlitzer building. During the night, guests can choose a drink at the eroded candy bar near the lobby. More of an early bird? Caffeinated beverages are served at the Popular Coffee Lobby Outpost.

If a hotel in a major Detroit location is what you're after, look no further than Metropolitan Element Detroit. During the day, you walk downtown Detroit and travel fast to the financial district. Overnight, you are only a few steps away from Detroit Opera House and Ford Field.

Need event space? MGM Grand Detroit offers 14,000 square feet of meeting and event space, including a conference center.

If you attend an event at the Cobo Center, you won't miss out on the benefits of the Windham Hotel at Fort Pontertrain. Just a few steps away from the convention center, the hotel also has a 24-hour business center for any work-related needs.

How to get closer

City break Detroit

Rideshare and taxis are available in Detroit and this is probably your best option for getting around the city in an instant.

Prefer to take public transport? Download the Detroit Department of Transportation app to help navigate the local bus system. Traveling around downtown or midtown? The city's new QLINE tram system can help you get from A to B. Plan your trip with their interactive map.

Alternatively, MoGo, Detroit's public bike-sharing program, provides an eco-friendly way to get around the city.

Pro Tip: Use TripIt's Navigator feature to search for transportation options available to you This will show you the estimated cost and travel time for each option, so you can decide which one works best. For example, if you add a restaurant reservation to your itinerary (more on where to eat below), Navigator helps you find the best transportation options to get to your desk. You can find the Navigator in the details screen of your plan.

Where to eat


If you only have time for one meal in Detroit, make it at Wright & Company. Trendy d ,cor, second-floor street views, divisible plates, and knowledgeable bar staff give you the opportunity to drink a few hours worth of your time in Detroit.

Staying at the Detroit Foundation Hotel? You don't have to go far for the best food in town. Named after the place where the firetracks and their equipment are kept, The Apparatus Room is more of a focal point than a hotel facility. Michigan-born chef Thomas Lentz returned to his kingdom to create a new version of American cuisine using ingredients from the Midwest. As a result, locals and tourists alike flock to his restaurant. Be sure to make a reservation as soon as you confirm your travel plans.

A hybrid restaurant and butcher shop, Marrow takes sustainability seriously. With a farm-to-fork policy, Marrow originates most of its spring and summer menu ingredients within five miles of the restaurant. Go there for dinner, brunch or grab a cocktail. You will not be disappointed.

Looking for more casual food? Check out Detroit 75 Kitchen for Saffron de Twah, sandwiches and showers for Moroccan-American food, or the Detroit Shipping Company for a myriad of options, from dumplings to burgers. And don't forget to stop by Buddy's, Louis' or Pi-Sai for a Detroit-style pizza.

Finally, leave room for dessert at Sister Pie. Located west of Detroit, Sister Pie is the bakery you want on the corner of your street. Displaying local products from around Michigan, owner (and James Beard Award-nominated) Lisa Ludwinski founded Sister Pie "to celebrate the season on foot." I suggest you join the celebration soon.

What to do in your city break

If this is your first visit to Detroit, start your watch at East Market. In the country's largest outdoor farmer's market, you can find stalls of local vendors selling everything from fruits and fresh flowers to authentic French crepes and local art. The Eastern Market is open on Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays and every third Thursday night during the summer.

Also located in the Eastern Market District (and across most of Detroit) it is a stunning collection of murals known as Murals in the Market. Artists from around the world, including locals in Detroit, have transformed the district walls into a public art destination.

Once your shopping and murals are complete, head to the Eastern Market Brewing Company or the Detroit City Distillery for locally made adult drinks — both just minutes from the market.

Looking for kid friendly things in Detroit? Visit Sand Island for a beach day with a view of Canada. Or visit the country's oldest aquarium, the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory, and the nearby Sand Isle Aquarium. Kids will love the 125-acre Detroit Zoo, home to the Polk Penguin Conservation Center, and more than 75 penguins.

Adults only? During the day, explore the stores of Midtown Detroit. Overnight, stop at Kissling at Milwaukee Junction to enjoy a handicraft cocktail in their bistro light-covered patio. Visit on a cold or rainy day? Choose from their plentiful selection of board games and be comfortable in any one of them.

Note: Be sure to consult and comply with all local guidelines and travel restrictions as you reopen destinations around the world, as they vary greatly and will continue to change. One way to stay on top of changing guidelines is to consult COVID-19 Travel Guide For destination-specific information, the TripIt app features, testing and vaccination requirements, current transmission rates, quarantine rules upon arrival, and other information you need to know before visiting the area.