10 things to do in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Are you planning a trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina soon? Read our tips below on what to do in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the proposed tour!

It’s easy to fall in love with Bosnia and Herzegovina. From the Olympic Mountains surrounding its stylish capital Sarajevo to the UNESCO sites and the fantastic cuisine to the cultural monuments where the East meets the West, you will find incredible history and uniquely hospitable locals. Let’s dive into Bosnia and Herzegovina.

10 things to do in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Photo by Dennis Jarvis CC BY-SA 2.0

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List of best things in Bosnia and Herzegovina

1. Old Town Tour in Sarajevo

10 things to do in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Photo by Jocelyn Erskine-Kellie CC BY-SA 2.0

Sarajevo is the most vibrant and diverse city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With a cluster of crafts
With shops, paved streets, and some of the best food shops, Sarajevo’s Old Town, also known as Baskarsiza, is a great attraction. During your Sarajevo trip, you can easily buy a souvenir made with the same technique used when Baskarsiza was established with the advent of the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century. Keep in mind that the coffee culture in Sarajevo is quite strong and your Sarajevo trip has been completed entirely through the discovery of coffee pickles.

2. Enjoy the diving of the brave divers from the Old Bridge in Mostar

10 things to do in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Photo by Dennis Jarvis CC BY-SA 2.0

See the sights, cobbled streets and walls of Mostar Old Bridge. If you sit in one of the local restaurants near the bridge, you can enjoy the unforgettable view of the Firoza Neretva River. If you go in July, keep an eye out for some awesome diving featuring diving off the bridge event. Like Sarajevo, Moster’s Old Town offers a chance to go back in time and find traces of Moster’s ancient past.

3. Soak in peace in the operation hill in Medjugorje

The Hour Lady’s shrine in Medjugorje, Herzegovina, is one of the most spectacular in the world. The Operation Hill became famous on June 25, 1981, when the Virgin Mary appeared in front of six teenagers. Today, it is a haven for those seeking peace, faith and hope.

4. Viscoco pyramid

Drawn by incredible power, thousands of people go to one of the five pyramids
Valley: Pyramid of the Sun, Pyramid of the Moon, Pyramid of Love, Pyramid of Bosnian Dragon and Temple of Mother Earth. The Pyramid of the Sun (Visosica) is the highest (it is higher than the Pyramid of Chios). Some say your eyes are deceiving you and there is nothing but a mountain in front of you. This mysterious place still offers much more than an archeological miracle and is often said to have healing powers.

5. Mehmed Pasha Bridge in Visegrad and Andrikgrad

10 things to do in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Photographs of Valiner Photography CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

This great Ottoman bridge is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From here you can visit Andrikgrad, including the Slavic Language Center, the Academy of Fine Arts, the Town Hall, the Church of St. Lazarus, and the Renaissance Theater, as well as the Ivo Andrix Institute. It is a very nice tour and gives you the opportunity to explore different architectural styles and historical periods; Byzantine, Ottoman, Renaissance and classical styles.

6. Cow waterfall

10 things to do in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Photo by Brian Eleven cc by 2.0

If you want to swim in the cold water on a hot sunny day, Kravis Falls will amaze you. It is literally made for adventurers and nature lovers and is close to other tourist gems of Herzegovina so it is a highly recommended afternoon trip from Sarajevo.

7. Enjoy the incredible history and tranquility of the monastery in Trebinj

Herzegovina is a real treat for the gourmet spirit of wine and cheese. Offering great wines from local producers, the Trebinze Wine Sellers are a great place to start your trek to Trebinze. The old town of the city will absolutely fascinate you, and so will the 15th-century Orthodox Tvrdos Monastery, the Arsenalic Bridge, the Klobuk Castle, or the Harshegovaka Gracanica Monastery.

8. Skiing in the Olympic Mountains around Sarajevo

Take to the skies and enjoy the resources of the skiing areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Olympic Mountains, which hosted the 1984 Winter Olympic Games, have found something to suit every taste and they offer great value. Three Olympic Mountains – just 30 minutes walk from Bezelasnika, Igman and Zahorina Sarajevo. Zahorina is suitable for everyone from beginners to seasoned skiers. Bjelasnica and Igman offer excellent ski resorts for advanced skiers and some amazing off-pist skiing.

9. Explore the medieval castles of Central Bosnia (Travnik and Jazz)

Discover a huge collection of household items, tools and weapons kept in the medieval castles of Jazz and Travancore. In addition to these historic installations, you can enjoy a magnificent waterfall rising above the Jazz Castle. Jajce is also known as a royal city, and was the residence of Bosnian kings in medieval times, where Trovan became the capital of Bosnia during the Ottoman period and the residence of the Viziers in 1699. The Bosnian nieces presided over Travancore for more than 150 years.

10. Go Rafting – Neretva, Una, Tara.

A trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina is not complete without a rafting adventure. For a lifelong breathtaking venture, the Strawby Book of Una National Park provides the ultimate adventure experience. On the other hand, the Neretva River is more suitable for family rafting experience.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina you can do these potential things. So if you are ready Have a fun and exciting trip, you know what to do and where to go! So pack your bags now And prepare yourself for a wonderful adventure in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Interesting facts about Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina, as part of the former Yugoslavia, is the first socialist country to host the Olympic Games.
  • On the morning before the Winter Olympics, Sarajevo’s slopes and roads were snow-free. The snow started falling the night before the inauguration
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina hosts SE Europe’s Best Film Festival – Sarajevo Film Festival Held in August
  • Europe’s largest rainforests are located in Perusica, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sutjeska National Park).

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