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Picture it: Your bucket-list trip to London is only a few days away, but you're listening to the impending transit strike, and wondering how you planned to cross the city in an eco-friendly mode.

Or, you’re going to New York City for a business trip in early autumn. The subway is convenient, but on this trip, you will prefer to stay on the ground and see the city on two wheels.

Maybe you booked a last minute single trip to Lisbon (Hooray Flight Deal!) And it was okay to get on Tram No. 28, IconicIt's packed too — and you'd rather keep your social distance.

There is a common solution in all these situations-Micromobility. That is, bike- and scooter-sharing programs are available across these three cities (and around the world).

Micromobility programs give locals and travelers the same ability to cross destinations at their own discretion (hint: on public transit schedules or worse, not on strikes), and at their own pace.

Below, I dive deeper into what micromobility is, its benefits, some common bike- and scooter-sharing programs, and where you can find them.

What is micromobility?


Micromobility refers to light weight vehicles, such as bicycles, electric bikes and electric scooters, which are driven by only one person. In recent years, micromobility has become increasingly popular due to the availability of bike- and scooter-sharing programs.

Share programs allow people to rent a bike or scooter for a fee and return the car after they have finished their trip. Many programs charge a flat rate, plus a (small) per hour fee. Others allow you to rent a bike at a daily or discounted monthly rate-the latter is especially useful for those who travel regularly.

Why would I try a bike- or scooter-sharing program on my next trip?

Bike- and scooter-share

If you’ve lived or recently moved to a large metropolitan area, you’ve probably seen a colorful, branded bike riding an electric scooter or pedaling. As I mentioned above, micromobility programs seem to have sprouted almost everywhere এবং and for good reason!

1. They are eco-friendly

Whether you choose micromobility to work, to have fun, to exercise or to improve your overall mental health, it is beneficial not only for you, but also for the environment. Switching a car for a bike, e-bike, or scooter helps promote a sustainable world - with low emissions and clean air for everyone.

2. They are convenient

Most bike-sharing programs offer hundreds of docking locations in the city where they are located. Often, they can bridge the gap (mobility) in areas where there is no access to public transit. Also, many scooter-share programs dockless, which means you can leave your fare at your final destination without identifying a drop-off point.

If you rent a scooter, remember where you will leave it after you use it. Although there may not be a dock there, some cities design scooter parking areas so that they are not left anywhere (and everywhere).

Also remember to follow All Local and safety guidelines, including where you can and cannot ride bikes or scooters, where you will be riding bikes and wearing a helmet when complying with all traffic rules.

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3. These are affordable

As mentioned above, most bike- and scooter-sharing programs charge a flat rate, plus an hourly fee (small). For example, in the Washington DC Bike-Share program, Capital Bikeshare rates start at $ 1.00 to unlock a bike and then $ 0.05 / min for a bike or $ 0.15 / min for an e-bike. Day passes 8.

London’s Santander Bike Bike-Share costs £ 2 for unlimited travel up to 30 minutes in a 24-hour period. For rides longer than 30 minutes, the ride costs অতিরিক্ত 2 for each additional 30 minutes.

Do you want to compare costs before starting a journey? You can take advantage of TripIt's navigator features with alternative transit methods, such as taking a cab or riding on the subway. The Navigator will show you the estimated cost and travel time for each option, so you can decide which one works best. You can find the Navigator in the details screen of your plan.

Suggestion: Always download the bike- or scooter-share app for ease of payment, save your ride, track your travel time (s) and monitor any remaining balance.

What are some common bike- and scooter-sharing programs?


Now that I’ve covered the benefits of sharing bikes and scooters, let’s get acquainted with some of the programs available.


Lime offers e-bike and e-scooter rentals in more than 200 cities on almost every continent. The world's largest electronic micromobility platform, Lime supports four key principles: security, sustainability, community and innovation.

As part of its goal to support community and mobility for all, Lime also offers an on-demand service program called Lime Able, which provides "vehicles [that] Uniquely designed to meet a wide spectrum of capabilities. "These adaptive vehicles are available free of charge in selected cities for Lime Riders.

Now part of Lime, JUMP is an electric bike-sharing program offered through Uber. At the time of release, the shiny red JUMP e-bikes are still available for rent directly on the Uber app. That is, if one is found in your area, you will see it as an option in the app. (Otherwise, you may see a lime bike.)

Start by downloading the Lime (or Uber) app and then follow the instructions to start your journey.


Bird supplies e-bikes and e-scooters to more than 350 locations in the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.

Note that the Bird's Bird Three scooter is "designed for the round economy." According to their site, the scooter's "environmentally-conscious design and construction maximizes lifespan, reduces waste and increases second life and recycling opportunities."

Just download the Bird app to locate or reserve your ride. You can save an e-bike or scooter up to 30 minutes before your ride.


Berlin-based TIER offers micromobility options in many cities across Europe and the Middle East. In addition to e-bikes and e-scooters, TIER also offers e-mopeds.

As with other sharing programs, you'll want to download the app and follow the steps before launching

Suggestion: Be sure to forward your confirmation email to [email protected] so you know where you picked up your bike or scooter (if you plan to return it to the same docking station), and to check out nearby destinations in TripIt's map view.

Which destinations offer micromobility programs?

Bike- and scooter-sharing programs

Planning a trip and looking forward to seeing what’s available through micromobility? Here are guidelines for cities, including the use of an A to Z (but not extensive) Avid micromobility program.

Amsterdam> In the world's unofficial biking capital, see Hello-Bike, Urbee, and Cargoroo bike-sharing programs. There are also countless bike rental shops to choose from.

Boston> Bluebikes, Boston's public-private partnership with the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, provides a fun and affordable way to explore the city.

Chicago> Divvy Bikes, a Chicago bike-sharing program run by Lyft, offers single-ride passes, day passes, as well as an annual membership for local residents.

Detroit> MoGo, Detroit's public bike-sharing program, offers more than 600 bikes and 75 stations across Metro Detroit.

Eindhoven> The bike-sharing program Hopper and TIER are both available in this Dutch city.

Frankfurt> nextbike is a Europe-based bike-sharing program, and all bikes are made in Germany. One of its advantages is the ability to rent up to four bikes in a single account; Make group rides easier! Lime and TIER are also available in Frankfurt.

Yesothenburg> Styr & Ställ, powered by Gothenburg's bike-sharing program NextBike, has more than 130 stations around the city. Bird and TIRO are in Gothenburg.

H.eidelberg> VRNnextbike, Bird, and TIER are all available at Heidelberg.

Indianapolis> Pacers Bikeshare bikes and adaptive trikes, as well as Lime and Bird, available in Indy.

J.ersey City> Citi bikes, powered by Lyft, are available throughout Jersey City and Hoboken, New Jersey, as well as NYC.

WhoExplore ansas City> RideKC bikes with paddle bikes and e-bikes. Birds are also found in KC.

L.ondon> Santander Cycles has 800 docking stations and 12,000 bikes in circulation and is available on 24/7/365.
M.anhattan> City Bike, powered by Lyft, is NYC's official bike-sharing program. Riders can access bikes in the Lyft or Citi Bike app. Single rides on the app start at 3.99 / trip. Lime is also found in New York.
New Orleans> After a one-time sign-up fee of 00 1.00, the Blue Bike Nola Ride costs 15 .15 per minute. Download the Blue Bikes app to sign up, find and reserve bikes, and more.

Ohslo> Oslo City Bike is a city bike-sharing program and offers single ride, day, monthly and season passes. Bird and TIER are also available in Oslo.

Paris> Vélib 'Métropole The bike-sharing program has more than 20,000 bikes (40% electric) and more than 1,400 docking stations. Lime and TIER are also found in Paris.

Q.ueens> City bikes are available in five boroughs (including Queens) in New York.

Andome> Helbiz, Cooltra, Zigzag, Lime, Bird, and TIER offer micromobility options in this Italian city.

S.SF's bike- and e-bike-share program is provided by a Francisco> Bay Wheels, elevator. Rides start at $ 3.49 per ride. Lime and bird are also found in the town.

Tel Aviv> Tel-O-Fun is Tel Aviv's bike-sharing program. E-bikes and paddle bikes are available for rent. Birds and TIRO are available here.

A.The German city, probably best known for its car-sharing scheme, offers bike and scooter sharing via Bird and TIER.

V.ienna> Lime, Bird, and TIER are all available in Vienna.

W.ashington, DC> Capital bikeshare stations are across the DMV অর্থাৎ that is, the DC, Maryland, and Virginia region-with more than 600 stations and 5,000 bikes and e-bikes. Lime and bird are also found in DC

X.Rent a bike in the Greek city of Xanthi via anthi> GrCycling.

York> TIER is available in the British city of York.

Z.urich> Lime, Bird, and TIER are all available in Zurich.

DYK? TripIt's City Brake Guides include tips for getting to your destination, including eco-friendly methods such as public transit and bike- and scooter-sharing programs.


A conversation with Lauren Richardson – TripIt blog

Going Places is a new series from TripIt that frequently highlights travelers to showcase their unique travel style and interior tips.

For Lauren Richardson, Lauren's suitcase travel blogger, Travel is all about being creative. That is, being creative with how he travels, where he travels, and how he manages his travel budget.

“As a graduate student, I have to evade my limited budget with my passion for travel,” Lauren told me. "I'm looking for ways to save on travel — from just carrying my carry-on bag and not taking a seat before check-in (no extra fees!) Relying on airfare deals and being as flexible as possible for the wrong fare."

Write: COVID-19, and Lauren had to be creative with travel plans again.

“I plan a lot of road trips,” he said. "About six months into the epidemic, my fianc and I transformed a Subaru into a car-camper and traveled for two weeks in several of the (US) Rocky Mountain states."

Without these countless obstacles, Lauren would not have been able to reach her favorite under-the-radar destination to this day: New Mexico.

"New Mexico has something for everyone! Food, culture, camping, national parks, a hot air balloon festival কাছে to me, it's one of the most neglected destinations in the United States. I'm so glad I got the chance to visit."

Travel plans? Sing to her ears

Whether on the road or in the sky, Lauren likes to keep her travel plans organized with Tripit.

“I wasn’t organized at all until I discovered Tripit,” he shared. “It is very helpful to have everything in one place. When I backpacked through Europe a few years ago, I booked many modes of transport: bus, train, plane — you name it. Having TripIt helped me keep track of it all. "

“I use TripIt even when I don’t travel,” he said. "I'm a huge live music fan, so I forward all my tickets to the upcoming concert on the app - so I know what shows I've booked, where they're playing and much more."

About staying safe when traveling alone — and learning from the locals

Another TripIt feature is that Lauren relies on her ability to share her travel plans — a habit she has gotten, especially when traveling alone.

"I am just happy to be alone. I would stop traveling until I found a traveling friend, but then I had this aha-ha moment, like, why am I waiting to go with someone? "He shared." But of course, I stay safe when I travel alone. I want to, so the ability to share my trip trip gives me and my family - peace of mind when I'm going alone. "

Lauren also keeps track of her destination's safety rating along with TripIt's Neighborhood Safety scores, so she can plan ahead if she goes to a high-risk area.

So, what is his advice for making the most of a single trip? "Make friends with the locals! I like to go somewhere and pretend I'm there. So, I always ask the locals to get to know them and what they like to do."

“I also choose to stay in hostels for travelers alone because their family dinners and walking tours are arranged which makes it easier to meet people,” he added.

Did you know A recent TripIt survey showed that one-third (33%) of Americans planning to travel alone said their trip would also be a bucket-list trip.

Any other tips for co-budget travelers — single or otherwise? “Always book your flight first,” he said. "And be flexible. Prices can change in just a day or two, so picking a good flight deal on a slightly different departure day can open up space in your budget for a trip you've seen."

Want to know more about Lauren's tips for budget travel? Check out her Instagram and blog for more ideas, and find out where she (and her suitcase she carries) next.

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Amanda Walk

Amanda Walk is a freelance writer, founder of Amanda Walk Creative - a content writing service company - and an avid traveler. Her experience supports customers in the travel industry, travel technology, luxury travel and consumer brands. When she doesn’t help clients tell their stories, Amanda writes about her own experiences so as to inspire others to travel as far, wide and frequently as possible.


Why choose Tingley for your next trip to the Middle East?

Here is mine Tingley Middle East An experience that made my adventure even more exciting, thrilling and fun!

I have been to the Middle East many times since I visited many countries there. However, I did not go to Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Yemen, but in the end! I recently had the opportunity to see them!

The Tingley experience is the perfect gift to give to someone coming to Texas for the first time

Most of the fun and exciting things I’ve done here won’t happen if not for Tingley. So, without further ado, I would like to share with you my amazing Tingley experience in the Middle East!

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What is Tinggly?

Tinggly is a gift company that focuses on giving people an adventure they will never forget. Only a Tingley gift can give the recipient plenty of experience to choose from! Recipients can choose an experience in more than 100 countries available in Tinggly. And the best thing about this? It has no expiration date! The Tingley gift does not expire so the recipient can book at any time.

In addition, by buying a Tinggly box, you are helping planet Earth because a portion of Tinggly’s profits is dedicated to sustainable projects that help remove contaminated plastics from the environment. So it’s literally like making someone happy as well as saving our own planet. Yes!

My Tingley experience in the Middle East

This is one of my bucket lists and it finally happened! And you should go here too! However, if you have no idea what the Age of the World is, it is one of the top tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia. Ignoring the surrounding plains, you will literally feel like you are on the edge of the world. The uninterrupted view of the horizon gives you an amazing experience when you are at the top of a 300-meter high cliff that you should not miss! Thanks to Tinggly for finally making it happen!

If you travel to Dubai and you get tired of going to crowded places, you can do another thing to end your trip or try something new but luxurious. Dubai is known for its luxury yachts, and you can’t miss them!

From gourmet meals to comfortable seating, a trip over the turquoise waters of Dubai will undoubtedly be a once in a lifetime experience. This time that I admire the beauty of Dubai, it is more than just a skyscraper, Dubai is an experience!

After all, these billionaires who are obsessed with luxury ships are not really crazy. You can take a great view of this great city through this yacht trip. Because of Tingley, I have been able to feel like a billionaire on this tour. We all deserve to feel it sometimes!

I bet we've all heard of Burj Khalifa. This is always a major reason why people want to go to Dubai to see this glorious architecture. The skyscraper is 183 meters long and consists of 163 floors! Usually, tourists get a chance to see it from the outside, but during our trip (and of course because of Tingley), we were able to go inside and see the insane views of Dubai! It was a whole lot of experience that I recommend you to try!

How about giving someone a Tingley experience?

If you are thinking of giving someone a Tingley gift now, this is a good choice because it is so easy!

1. Just choose a gift box to give to your friends or family.

2. After selecting one, they will send an eVoucher (PDF file) to your email, just print the file and give it to the recipient. Another way is to have a special Tingley gift box that includes a voucher, your personalized greetings to the person and a beautiful experience journal. This box can be delivered to you or the recipient within 2-5 business days.

If you want your gift to be more 'personal', we recommend that you choose a special Tinggly gift box rather than an eVoucher. But they both help clean up planet earth so it still depends on how you want to deliver your gift.

3. Once you choose which method you prefer, the recipient can now select any experience from the gift box.

4. Recipients can now enjoy this special gift from you!

Of course, you can also buy a tingle experience for yourself. Think of it as a gift to yourself for hard work. Hahaha!


Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown – Dubai’s first 5-star boutique hotel

Here is my first experience at Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown during my second visit to Dubai.

Aaaaand I'm back in Dubai! I’ve been to Dubai before, but it’s so beautiful that you always want to go back. Also, this visit of mine is more memorable and meaningful because I have had my meetings with my readers here (thank you all very much! I am really grateful to meet you all!)

Hotel Indigo Dubai is one of the top 5 start up boutique hotels in downtown Dubai

This meeting would not have happened if it was not for Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown who hosted me for 2 days and 1 night and let me do my meetup here.

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About Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown

Guess what? Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown is the 1st 5-star boutique hotel in Dubai with an art gallery! How cool, right? It's like staying in a hotel without getting bored due to art galleries and other hotel highlights!

We only stayed at Hotel Indigo for 2 days and 1 night (since we only had a stopover in Dubai), so it certainly wasn’t enough. But, I am so grateful to be able to share with you my amazing experience with them - everything from the friendly staff to the delicious food and the gorgeous rooms, Hotel Indigo is awesome!

Room at Hotel Indigo

We were in the junior suite 1 night and it was amazing! The rooms at Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown have a culturally inspired design and a gorgeous bathroom that is very spacious. Our room was really luxurious and spacious, the glass wall made it even better because the view from the outside is absolutely stunning!

Even though we only stayed for one night, we still got a chance to swim, hahaha! Guys make sure to make time to relax all the time! Swimming in the pool is also difficult to resist because it was hot when we went to Dubai (it was almost summer in the Middle East during our visit.)

Hotel Indigo Dubai is one of the top 5 start up boutique hotels in downtown Dubai

Art tour and exhibition at Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown

As I mentioned above, the hotel has an art gallery, art tours and exhibitions. There are over 200 works of art for you to see! It was created to introduce guests to the hotel's art, design, story and history. Even if you’re not really into art and exhibitions, it’s worth a whirl of time here.

Unfortunately, we could not go here because we had very limited time. But at least we still have a good reason to go back!

Restaurant at the hotel

There are two dining options to choose from; Open the sesame and off the wall. Open Sesame is a restaurant, while Off the Wall is a bar

Open sesame

In the open season, you can choose from a variety of foods inspired by Mediterranean food. Cafe Rider also has their coffee at Custom Roastry, which serves some of the best locally roasted specialties in Dubai.

Of the wall

If you’re in bars and lounges, make your way off the wall. It’s a cocktail bar inspired by the clash of nearby Al Satwa culture. The richness of the drink with a touch of traditional taste can be enjoyed here by seeing the beautiful works of art made by the local artists.

Some other bars and lounges you can see:

  • Orange Phils Bar and Shisha Lounge
  • Bakala Juice Juice Bar and Concept Store

"It's better to come back." That was my thought when I came to Dubai. This is my new version, so it feels like a new adventure in the same place but at a different time ৷ Meeting new amazing people, and staying at a gorgeous and first 5-star boutique hotel in Dubai, what more could I ask for? Hmmm, maybe more time? Hahaha! I was only in Dubai for a few days so will be back anytime soon! Hopefully, you can also go to Dubai and when that time comes, don’t forget to book Hotel Indigo Dubai for your stay in downtown. Xiao!


Sur Plaza Hotel – The ancient city of Sur, where to stay in Oman

My 172nd country - time to close Oman! After touring the beautiful city of Muscat we headed to Sur where we stayed for 3 days and 2 nights. And this city was our home South Plaza Hotel.

Located just 220 kilometers from the capital city, Muscat, Sur is known for its shipyards that were important to the city’s maritime past. Due to its location, Sur also became a very important city for sailors and traders, especially for Assad from East Africa and India. That is why it is not surprising to see big wooden boats in this city!

Sur Plaza Hotel Where to stay in Sur, the ancient city of Oman

Just after our wonderful day trip to Muscat and the desert, we headed straight to Tune to spend our 3 days and 2 nights and explore the attractions nearby. The moment we arrived at the Sur Plaza Hotel, Mr. Mahesh and his team have already given us a warm welcome! We felt so at home that they even gave us gifts and surprises! Below the tune and more about the Tune Plaza Hotel!

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Sur, what to do in Oman

1. Wadi Shab

This is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. Wadi Shaab is a very impressive landscape! You’ll climb a bit through the woods over rocks and boulders until you stand in front of a clear, cool lake. It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes as the stones can be very sharp. If you’ve seen the dry landscape of Oman before, it’s almost like a fairy tale.

2. Ras Al Jinj Turtle Reserve

An amazing place but with lots of tourists. In the evening, you can see the laying of eggs, and in the morning, the baby turtles can dig and hatch. Unfortunately, there is not much to see in the surrounding area.

3. About the Maritime Museum

Worth a visit to this small open-air museum. It offers rewarding photo opportunities, especially big wash. After that, you can take a tour of the nearby shipyard which we highly recommend so that you can see the construction or restoration of the craftsmen.

4. Visit the castle

One of the best things about Sur is its famous ancient monuments - visiting the forts! It is here that you will learn more about this ancient Omani city and how history has given it its present form.

  • Bilad Sur Durg- This completely renovated fort is located on the outskirts of Sur, where several interior rooms have been prepared and can be visited. It is only 200 years old and was built as a defense against invading tribes from mountainous areas / deserts.
  • Ras Al Had Fort- Just outside of the noisy tunes, the well-renovated complex in general Ottoman castle style is worth seeing. While there’s not much to see in a few accessible interior spaces, the guides there make it with their warm demeanor and local stories.
  • Al Sinaisilah Fortress- Al Sinaisilah fort in central Sur is a well restored and maintained fort. A few of the rooms available are signposted and partially lovingly decorated. The site also has ample parking spaces, a toilet and a picnic area.

Where to stay in Sur, Oman

We toured many places in Muscat before going to Sur. The Sur Plaza Hotel, hosted by Mr. Mahesh and his team, welcomed us with many gifts and surprises. We're ruined! Hahaha!

At the Sur Plaza Hotel, our room was upgraded to the Executive King Room which is really great! It is equipped with a flat-screen satellite TV and free Wi-Fi. Modern decor also feels very comfortable to the eye. The bed? Oh wow, I thought I didn’t want to get out of bed anymore, but I wouldn’t miss the chance to visit Oman, so it was a tough decision! Hahaha! For those on a tight budget, the Sur Plaza Hotel also has an ideal room.

Restaurant at Sur Plaza Hotel

Sur Plaza Hotel, this is one of the main reasons why it is difficult to leave the restaurants! The hotel has 2 main restaurants - Oyster Restaurant and Al Nazum by the pool.

Oyster Restaurant

This restaurant overlooks the pool with an amazing view of the hills and is located in the lobby area of ​​the hotel. With the food they offer, it almost feels like we are on a food tour around the world! Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. They have traditional Omani / Arabic, Continental, Chinese / Oriental and Asian dishes in buffet and la carte style. This delicious recipe is already enough to make me happy!

Restaurant Schedule:
Breakfast - 6:00 to 10:00 in the morning
Lunch - 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Dinner - 7.00pm to 11.00pm

Al Nazum next to the pool

Al Nazum next to the pool means "star next to the pool". The name itself, it is located by the pool. The great thing about this place is that you can enjoy a kind of Omani hospitality and wonderful view of the melody as it has seating in the open sky.


Another reason to spend your day at the Sur Plaza Hotel is the trip they offer. Guests can enjoy the Dho Cruise in the natural coastal landscape of Ras Al Had. You can enjoy an hour long cruise by exploring the fascinating sights of Sur, Oman.

Oops! This is not enough, during cruising, you can also have lunch or dinner on board. If you are fancy fishing, then you can try it too! The wash is fully equipped so I'm sure you'll have a memorable experience here (you can also celebrate your birthday on a cruise, yes!)

We only had a limited time in Oman so it wasn’t really enough, but I was amazed at how much fun it was to explore this fascinating country! I am so glad that the Sur Plaza Hotel was a part of my trip to visit all the countries of the world.


Al Falaj Hotel – Muscat, Oman is where you should stay

This is my first time in Oman! My 172nd country! My first few days in Muscat I was at the Al Falaj Hotel.

I was so excited to finally set foot in Oman! This is my 172nd country (152nd UN), so I was ready and willing to see more of the Middle East! I started in the capital city Muscat, where the Al Falaj Hotel became my home for a few days. It was a great start as we have done a lot of tours in this country so it is important to stay in a hotel that is comfortable and comfortable enough. This is Al Falaj Hotel for me! More about this hotel below.

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Muscat, Oman to do

1. Appreciate the generosity of the mosque

There are several mosques in Muscat to visit and admire. All of these stand with such elegance and you will see them!

  • Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque- Visiting the mosque is definitely worth it. The memorial building can be visited without entrance fee. Even the large gardens around the mosque are impressive. Note: Shoes must be taken off before entering and women must wear specially covered clothing. The women’s prayer room is relatively small whereas the larger hall for men is clearly distinct and very subtly designed.
  • Mohammad Al Amin Mosque - The Mohammed Al Amin Mosque is also just a few years old and is located on top of an open hill. Since the mosque has not yet been commercialized, expect very few visitors during your visit. The mosque is beautiful and the interior is worth seeing, so be sure to visit!

2. See the museum after the museum!

In Muscat, there are many museums you can explore! That way, you'll be able to learn more about this historic city. Even if you are not a fan of museums, there are literally plenty to choose from that might capture your interest.

  • National Museum- A modern and spacious museum. In various sections, the development of Oman from prehistoric times to the present day is presented. Exhibitions are well illuminated and labeled (in both English and Arabic). Some exhibits even invite you to touch (or perceive) them directly. If a film, the history of Oman is summarized in a 15-20 minute film (alternately in English and Arabic) - absolutely worth watching.
  • Sultan's Armed Forces Museum- A very interesting exhibition that tells the history of Oman's military achievements from ancient times to the present day. The museum’s exhibits are very nicely arranged with their historical section.
  • Galia's Museum of Modern Art A small museum that gives insights into Omani life in the 50/60/70s. The living room and other living rooms in summer or winter are shown. The art gallery also features works by Omani artists.
  • Museum of Natural History - This small museum gives an overview of the wildlife and geological history of Oman. The Botanical Garden is also interesting, with some specimens of Boswellia Sacramento, frankincense and many more!
  • Oman Children's Museum - A very good museum for bringing this kind of scientific entertainment for the development of children. Even over the age of 11, the game here would be like an extra knowledge for a child.
  • Bait al-Zubayr- A cultural foundation that opened its doors to the public in 1998. The complex has five separate buildings as well as a garden with traditional features, a cafe and a gift shop. Unfortunately, photography is prohibited in museums.

3. Explore natural wonders - beaches and valleys

If you like swimming under the sun, Muscat is also a perfect place to freshen up! The valleys are also another natural wonder of the city that you must see! Here are some beaches and valleys that we recommend for you to visit.

  • Kurum Beach - Just across the street is a very beautiful and long beach. It is clean and the water is very clean. There are also a few cafes and restaurants near the beach.
  • Wadi Bani Khalid - Undoubtedly the most visited Wari in the country, it takes a bit of luck to breathe in the full beauty of the terrain. Just enjoy nature like a dream and if you have the right swimsuit with you, you can go in the water or splash the fish on your feet.
  • Bimmah sinkhole- These holes between the sea and the mountains are really impressive. About 120 meters in diameter and 30 meters deep. Below you can swim in the clear water and refresh yourself. There are also picnic opportunities at the top.
  • Wadi Al Arbein- A beautiful valley with deep blue pool and amazing environment. This is one of the highlights. It should take you two to three hours to explore extensively. If the off-road vehicle is absolutely necessary, you will be rewarded with a special landscape. The contrast of steep mountain walls and the versatile green creates a special atmosphere.
  • Kantab Beach - Must be visited. Like everything in Oman, this beach can be reached by renting your own car. Because it’s a little far away which makes it so peaceful and interesting. A gorgeous beach with crystal clear and warm water.
  • Al Sifah Beach - Sifah Beach is about 45 minutes from the city of Muscat and can be reached via a beautiful paved road that runs through the mountains and partly along the coast.

4. Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House is impressive both from the outside and from the inside. The opera house is especially atmospheric in the evenings when the indirect lighting is turned on. World stars from opera, ballet, folklore, dance troupes and musicians visit here.

5. Oman Avenue Mall

Oman Avenue Mall is one of the largest malls in Oman which opened in May 2015 in Muscat. Located on Sultan Qaboos Street, it is a shopping mall of the famous Abu Dhabi-based Lulu Group International and has quickly established itself as one of the largest malls. Impressive and modern shopping center of this region.

Where to stay in Muscat, Oman

As a travel blogger, the strategic location of Al Falah Hotel is very convenient for me. It is located in the city center and close to the most popular tourist attractions. I am so happy that we were able to stay in one of the best business hotels in Oman before embarking on our travel adventure in the country!

Al Falaj Hotel where you should stay in Muscat, Oman

Accommodation at Al Falaj Hotel

Many thanks to Mr. Praveen for welcoming us to the hotel! We felt at home the moment we arrived at the hotel!

The Al Falaj Hotel has a variety of rooms to choose from; Deluxe room, classic room, suite and standard room. All rooms are spacious and offer a great atmosphere! Our first few nights in Oman were already memorable because of the Al Falah Hotel!

Restaurant at Al Falaj Hotel

Middle Eastern food and other Asian food is the main offer of Al Falaj restaurant!

Al Falaj Restaurant

Al Falaj Restaurant is the only restaurant in Oman that pays homage to the popular and traditional Oman soup (you must try them!) Of course, in addition to soups, steaks, lobster, kebabs, many more dishes can be eaten around the world. Here. My mind was very happy!

Tokyo Taro Restaurant

From the name, the food you should expect here is Japanese! We all know that Japanese cuisine is extremely popular with everyone in the world (including me! Hahaha!) From sushi and sashimi to tepaniyaki and tempura, you will find it here!

Stasen Tea Lounge

Al Falaj Hotel where you should stay in Muscat, Oman

A lounge that provides serenity and peace of mind. Take a sip of your delicious tea while relaxing in the hotel lounge away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Tea lovers will love their time here!

Overall experience at Al Falaj Hotel

After our stay at the hotel, we left happy and satisfied with what we felt. We were very excited about all the tours we were going to do in Oman and Al Falaj helped us to relax and enjoy the hospitality of Omani. I will never forget that people treated us with warm welcome and smiles. After touring all the countries in the world, Oman is the country I want to go back to and Al Falaj is the hotel that I want to be my home again!


Belad Bont Resort – Salalah, the first of its kind in Oman

Looks like a VIP at Salalar Belad Bont Resort! This is why you should be here when you are in town.

Can I say that I definitely had one of my best Middle East trips to Oman? After visiting the desert mascot and exploring the tunes, we headed straight to Salalah.

Belad Bont Resort is the first of its kind in Salalah, Oman

There is so much to see in Oman that my stay in Salalah was clearly not enough. My visit was completed by the hospitality of the Omani people and the amazing customer service at my home Belad Bont Resort in Salalah. Below is some more of my stay at Belad Bont Resort!

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Salalah, what to do in Oman

1. Sultan Qaboos Mosque

The second largest mosque in Oman and must see. Sultan Qaboos Mosque is beautiful and breathtaking to look at! The prayer hall is decorated with marble and covered with a huge Persian carpet. Non-Muslims can visit the mosque every morning (except Fridays). Remember that appropriate clothing must be worn. Hair for women must be covered, not short dresses and shoulders should also be covered. Definitely worth a visit!

2. Beach hopping!

Salala has a few beaches that you must visit! If you have plenty of time, you can spend a day on the beach after exploring some popular attractions. Here are the beaches you should visit.

  • Al Mugsail Beach- You just have to see this dream-like beach, an infinitely long white beach about 6km, with water like the Caribbean. A very good reason to come back to Salala.
  • Al Fizayah Beach - Another Caribbean feeling in the Orient. Great nature and clear water that changes to blue and turquoise! To get there, you have to descend a hill and find yourself in a primitive and secluded paradise. Highly recommended!
  • Marnif Cave- One of the most scenic tourist destinations in the vicinity of Salalah. The entrance to this attraction is already impressive. Cliff and Groto are on the west end of Al Mugsail Beach.

3. Sumhuram Old City

Suhhuram Old City is manageable but definitely worth a visit. The strategic importance of ancient times can only be imagined with a little imagination. All in all a spectacular excavation with a great view of the eastern port. The museum next door is also a must see.

4. Frankincense Land Museum

Between the old and new Salala is the Frankenstein Museum and archeological site. The museum is small but informative and interesting. Excavations are very extensive and not on hot days or mornings. Here you will not only learn something about incense but also a lot about the history of Oman which has been brought closer through the variable exhibition.

5. See other popular spots in Salala

A day in Salalah is not really enough because there are plenty of beautiful places to explore here. Here are the other popular spots of Salala that you should not miss!

  • Takah fort- A very nicely preserved castle, the bedroom still has an old four-poster bed and from above you get a beautiful view of the beach. A palm tree provides shade in the yard and a small incense tree is found. The fort was inhabited until 1984.
  • Earth's gravity controversial - You have this experience! As if pulled by the hand of a ghost, the heavy off-road vehicle goes over a steep hill without engine power. The point is located between Takah and Wadi Darbat, at the beginning of the road to Dhofar Plateau.
  • Al Balid Archaeological Site- The excavations cover a historic period of about 800 years before the Portuguese domination in 1500 who changed the trade route and was the end of the city. You can see the remnants of houses, mosques and warehouses near the beach and the fresh water reserves from the fence located in the back hills.

Where to stay in Salalah, Oman

A luxury hotel and resort, Belad Bont Resort is located just west of the city of Salalah. It has 99 rooms that guests can choose from; Room (standard, higher, super deluxe), chalet and VIP suite. We kept running one of them!

During our 3 day and 2 night stay discovering what Salalah has to offer, we got the chance to stay at Belad Bont Resort which is also the first of its kind in Salalah!

Accommodation, dining, spa and gym and customer service are all top notch! My pictures are proof of how satisfied (and happy) I am with what I have felt at Belad Bounty!

Belad Bont Resort Restaurant

Belad Bont Resort is the first of its kind in Salalah, Oman

You know how much I love food, and when I recommend a particular dish or even a restaurant, trust me because that means you shouldn’t miss that food! If a food is not aligned with my taste buds I vocalize. Simply put, I actually want to tell you that I like Bellad Bont food. They even gave us a welcome cake, yes! (Diet? Never heard of it .. I know you too, haha!)

At Belad Bonte, they have 4 restaurants, a poolside juice bar, and exclusive facilities for women only which I think is really great;

  • Mosaic (dining all day)
  • Ottoman Restaurant
  • Rivera Lounge
  • Lagoon pool deck
  • Yasmin (The Lady Only Lounge)

Belad Bont Resort is the first of its kind in Salalah, Oman

I enjoyed everything from drinks to appetizers and staples. And since there are a few options for dining at Belad Bonnet, it’s pretty hard to choose where to eat, but of course, you can always try everything you want in your mouth!

Pampering in the spa and gym of Belad Bont

Having a belad distribution also means you need some pampering! The resort’s spa and gym are something you shouldn’t miss. They have Yasmin Spa which is exclusive for women where you will find a nail bar, a private indoor heated swimming pool and a gym designed for women! Yes!

You can spend some time in gold to release some bad "energy" from all the pressure this world has put on us. Hahaha!

Next, immerse yourself in the jacuzzi, ahh can you imagine how comfortable it is? Really dream!

My time in Oman is very limited but what I have heard before about this country is true, it was so much fun! That’s why even though I haven’t left the country yet, I’m already planning to go back! I hope one day I will bring you all here.


Radisson Blu Hotel, Riyadh Curtuba

My 171st country - Cheers to Saudi Arabia! And for this special occasion I was hosted by Radisson Blu Hotel, Riyadh Kurtuba!

Finally! After my second attempt, I entered Saudi Arabia. My first attempt was last March 2020 but unfortunately, I was stuck at Riyadh airport due to last minute cowardly rules at that time so I decided to cancel my trip to Saudi Arabia. But hey! Here I am now, much braver and happier!

I am extremely grateful that I did not finally enter my 171st country (which is Saudi Arabia), but I also had the opportunity to stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Riyadh! I was so lucky because I was in one of their fancy suits and they just opened less than a year ago, haha!

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Things to do in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

1. Visit the edge of the world Riyadh

This is one of my bucket lists and it finally ticked off! I'm betting you should too! However, if you have no idea what the Age of the World is, it is one of the top tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia. Ignoring the surrounding plains, you will literally feel like you are on the edge of the world. The uninterrupted view of the horizon gives you an amazing experience when you are at the top of a 300-meter high cliff that you should not miss! Thanks to Tinggly for finally making it happen!

2. Do some stool hopping

It is not surprising to find lots of stools around the city of Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. For this reason, one thing you should not miss while in Riyadh is mall hopping! Here are some of the malls we recommend you visit:

  • Al Nakhil Mall- It is a huge stool which is very nice and clean. There are also stores of all tastes and budgets, above you can find countless restaurants and bars scattered across the mall.
  • Riyadh Gallery Mall- There are many ready-to-wear shops and boutiques, including major brands. There is also a play area for children where there are different ways of entertainment.
  • Panorama Mall - The mall is distinguished by its beautiful exterior and interior design because its design is eco-friendly and has many brands, a high area for children and a large area for restaurants.

3. Explore the Kingdom Center Tower

Radisson Blu Hotel, Riyadh Curtuba I am visiting my 171st country!
Photo by Stephen Downes CC BY-NC 2.0

Skybridge is a place to visit in Riyadh. From here you can see the roof of Riyadh. You can also eat very well and cheaply at the food court. Everything from Iranian food to Indian sushi can be found there. Or you can walk a little through the mall and see people. Really a must visit!

4. Al Razi Grand Mosque

The Al Razi Grand Mosque was built in the 2000s with a grant from the Al Razi family. It is also the largest mosque in Riyadh with a capacity of 18,000 for men and 2,500 in women's prayer halls. Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter the mosque but must be seen and appreciated from outside!

5. Go to Riyadh for more attractions!

Riyadh is such a beautiful city to explore! Since this was my first time here, I was excited to visit many places. Here are some things to look for:

  • Al Masmak Fortress - Masmak Fort is an Adobe Fortress built in 1865 by Amir Muhammad bin Abdul. The main court was located here from 1902 to 1938. Now the castle serves as a museum. It lets you learn about life in the Middle East before the advent of modern civilization.
  • King Abdullah Park- King Abdullah is the youngest garden of culture and entertainment in the capital of Saudi Arabia. Opened in 2013, it includes several gardens, a children’s and family area, a play area, a pedestrian alley, a restaurant and a large lake with a dance fountain.
  • Al Faisalia Center - In addition to the Kingdom Center Tower, it is one of the tallest buildings in Riyadh. Inside there is a mall with some designer stores where you can shop until you go.

Where to stay in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Radisson Blu Hotel, Riyadh Curtuba I am visiting my 171st country!

This newly-opened luxury hotel in Riyadh was our home when we were in town. It has 104 rooms and suites and 16 villas located near the city center of Riyadh and just 20 kilometers from Riyadh International Airport.

From the location, it was very convenient because I can easily walk around and see the popular attractions of Riyadh easily and smoothly, you know, as a traveler like me, I really can’t stay in one place, especially since this is my first time. In Saudi Arabia, ha ha!

Suite at the Radisson Blu Hotel

Radisson Blu Hotel, Riyadh Curtuba I am visiting my 171st country!

As I mentioned above, the Radisson Blu Hotel, Riyadh has 104 rooms and suites. This hotel has a variety of rooms:

  • Standard
  • Standard room with terrace
  • Junior Suite
  • One-bedroom suite
  • Royal suite with two bedrooms
  • Three-bedroom villa

Radisson Blu Hotel, Riyadh Curtuba I am visiting my 171st country!

I was in their one-bedroom suite for 4 days and 3 nights! The house itself is very spacious and has this bright atmosphere that will make you feel at home.

Radisson Blu Hotel, Riyadh Curtuba I am visiting my 171st country!

Honestly, I can stay in the room all day without going out because almost everything I need is already there. Also, they have separate living space from the bedroom which is one of my favorite things about high quality hotels.

Radisson Blu Hotel, Riyadh Curtuba I am visiting my 171st country!

Hotel restaurant

Would you believe me if I said I didn't get a chance to try the Radisson Blu restaurants? I know you won't! Hahaha! Restaurant is a must for me!

And guess what? The hotel has 3 amazing restaurants that I recommend you to try; Bridges, lords and lounges and Plumeria terraces.

Radisson Blu Hotel, Riyadh Curtuba I am visiting my 171st country!

Another great thing about the Radisson Blu Hotel is that they offer stylish outdoor, indoor and terrace dining. So in addition to delicious food (thanks to the great chefs who prepared the food; Chef Sunil, Chef Nin, Chef Sachin, Chef Bikash, Chef Ali, Chef Talal, Chef Jangir, Chef Dipendra, Chef Ansari, Chef Kiran, and Chef Noor), you have a great environment. With the assurance of a mouth food.

Radisson Blu Hotel, Riyadh Curtuba I am visiting my 171st country!

My overall experience at Riyadh and the Radisson Blu Hotel

Radisson Blu Hotel, Riyadh Curtuba I am visiting my 171st country!

Not only have I been able to stay comfortable and fancy at the hotel, but I have also had the opportunity to see beautiful places (especially Age of the World which is one of my bucket list!) Because of its convenient location, I have also been able to meet some of the most amazing people! Ah! This trip to Saudi Arabia has been a wonderful trip thanks to the Radisson Blu Hotel for being my home and for hosting me for a few days. If you plan to visit Riyadh, you must book at the Radisson Blu Hotel.


Deep Dive Dubai – Challenge the deepest pool in the world

Are you brave enough to challenge the deepest pool in the world? So, Deep Dive Dubai is here for your experience.

* Trigger Warning: This is not for people with thalassophobia. This article contains photos that others may find uncomfortable. Thanks!

Deep Dive Dubai Challenge yourself to the deepest pool in the world

How deep can you go swimming in a pool? 5 feet? 6 feet? Or even a 7 foot? What would a 60m (196 ft) pool look like? Yes, that pool exists, and it’s in Dubai!

Deep dive Dubai A one-time experience for adventure-seekers. We've heard of skydiving - flying like a bird thousands of meters above, why not try diving a hundred meters below? If you are into this activity, then this article is for you because I will share with you our recent experience in Deep Dive Dubai!

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Start a thrilling and exciting adventure

Here are some pictures of my friend Hobograph and Nemanja’s great adventures in Deep Dive Dubai.

Deep Dive Dubai’s 196-foot-deep ‘Waterwater City’ has ‘abandoned’ homes and an archway to explore! Cool, isn't it? Unfortunately, I couldn’t try it due to surgery a few weeks ago, but I hope I can try it when I get back.

The good thing about Deep Dive Dubai is that they also have An introductory dive for beginners. So, if you have never dived before, you will have the opportunity to try the deepest pool in the world for the first time! Speaking of pride, hahaha!


I will not lie, when we arrived at Deep Dive Dubai and saw the pool, we were overwhelmed to see it - "This pool is not running! So deep! ", I thought to myself. But hey, I'm an adventurer and I love adventure so I'm 100% willing to try! Then I remembered I couldn't do it this time because of my recent surgery.

Deep Dive Dubai Challenge yourself to the deepest pool in the world

Fortunately, my friends, Hobograph and Nemanja were able to try it and I can still share their experience with you.

Deep Dive Dubai Challenge yourself to the deepest pool in the world

The Deep Dive Dubai pool is no ordinary pool where there is nothing to see below. I mean, yes, it’s deep, but other than that, there’s a lot more to explore once you dive.

Deep Dive Dubai Challenge yourself to the deepest pool in the world

Diving here feels like entering a new world! It’s like going for an ocean swim (without any fish and walls). There's even a grocery cart! Hahaha! Mind going shopping?

Deep Dive Dubai Challenge yourself to the deepest pool in the world

They provide all the equipment so all you have to do is listen to the instructions, have the courage to dive and enjoy the experience! If you want to try it with your kids, they won't have a problem until they are 10 years old or older.

Deep Dive Dubai Challenge yourself to the deepest pool in the world

I was really jealous to see them have fun swimming! I really wanted to go and join them but I couldn’t. At the moment I know I must go back to Dubai for this. I really can't wait to do this activity! So, I guess I have to finish my goal of visiting all the countries in the world right now so that I can go straight to Dubai and dive deep in Dubai. Hahaha!

What more do you need to know about Deep Dive Dubai?

As I mentioned, even newcomers are welcome to dive. Even if you have no experience with diving before, no problem! There are trainers who can teach you. However, those who have pre-existing medical conditions that prohibit anyone from diving are prohibited from trying the activity (as happened in my case.) You can check out the full medical situation in Deep Dive Dubai Here.

Deep Dive Dubai Challenge yourself to the deepest pool in the world

For those certified divers, the diving depth will depend on your certification. According to Deep Dive Dubai, these are the conditions for diving depth:

  • As approved by the certification and experience innovation
  • Starting divers up to 20m with recent experience
  • Advanced divers up to 30m with recent experience
  • Trimix has trained technical divers up to 60m with recent experience

If you are serious about diving and you want to develop it as a new "hobby", you can enroll in a deep dive scuba course in Dubai. They will provide you with all the tools you need, friendly trainers, certification and more things you need during the course.

You can check all their rates and book an experience directly Here.


American travelers budget to bear the rising cost of thousands more trips –

Will rising air fares and inflation keep American travelers grounded this summer? Or will travelers keep an eye on the rewards জন্য for many, whatever their bucket-list travel costs?

We asked more than 1,800 US-based TripIt users about their upcoming travel plans, and with rising costs and COVID-19 worrying them, more than 95% of survey respondents are still planning to travel next year. And some are willing to spend (tens of thousands) more to do it.

About half of all American travelers plan a trip once in a lifetime

According to our survey data, approx Two-thirds (64%) respondents plan to travel as much or more- Before next year vs. Covid-19. Only one-third (36%) plan to travel less.

What does their travel plan include? Our data shows that two-thirds (66%) are planning summer vacation trips; 64% plan to visit family or friends; 47% are planning an autumn vacation; 45% are traveling for business; 31% are planning a winter vacation; 22% are planning an enjoyable trip; 19% are planning to travel alone; And 14% are planning a camping trip.

For about half (41%) of American travelers, one of their trips next year will check a bucket-list travel box. One-third (33%) of respondents said they plan to travel alone and their trip will also be a bucket-list trip. In addition, 29% said their fall vacation (we see you, shoulder-season travelers!) Would be a bucket-list trip; 27% said their summer vacation would be one.

Rising travel costs

So, what about the cost of that trip? Most (62%) of those who are planning a bucket-list trip say so Bucket-list trips will be more expensive than a normal tripজন্য For most (47%) $ 1,000 to $ 5,000 more.

Travelers need to reduce dining to clear the budget for travel

Do All Upcoming trip (bucket-list or otherwise) means spending more money? About one-third (32%) of respondents answered yes. Our data shows that more than a quarter (26%) of those who spend more will spend an additional $ 3,000 to $ 5,000 on travel this year. Ten percent said they would spend an additional 10,000 10,000.

Americans Cost More money More than usual on the trip it is responsible:

  • Air fares increase (51%)
  • Overall inflation (49%)
  • Gas price increase (34%)
  • More Outstanding Travel Planning (34%)

For many, planning a trip means prioritizing their income. About one-third (29%) of respondents plan or adjust their overall expenses to cover travel expenses. Our data further show that 81% of respondents cutting (or planning to spend) their budgets will reduce the cost of meals, reduce the cost of events or concerts by 64% and reduce the cost of clothing for travel affordability by 58%.

Rising travel costs

Planned by those who say The budget will be less More than usual (only 15% of respondents), 79% said they plan to travel less, 19% plan less extraordinary travel and 18% plan to travel to more budget-friendly destinations.

And when some plan Same costIf costs continue to rise, 38% will plan fewer trips without increasing their budget.

Did you know When you add your flights to TripIt, TripIt Pro's fare tracker feature will let you know if you are eligible for a refund or credit if your airfare is reduced after booking.

Increasingly COVID-19 cases can affect summer travel planning

In addition to the cost, some Americans are concerned about other travel complications at the moment.

Top concerns include:

  • A trip may be canceled or rescheduled due to COVID-19 restrictions, requirements or illness (41%)
  • Flight Cancellation or Delay (41%)
  • Cost (33%)
  • Stay up to date on travel restrictions and guidelines (26%)
  • COVID-19 test for travel (21%)

These concerns are valid for many Americans who plan to travel soon. For starters, the ongoing staff shortages at Global Airports (and airlines, in that regard) are making the already busy travel season even more busy and unpredictable.

Tip: Looking for ways to speed up the airport experience? Be sure to check out TripIt Pro's four-month free trial and discount membership at CLEAR আরেক another way to save money by becoming a Pro member.

On the COVID-19 front, only 8% of those who have traveled in the last six months have tested positive for COVID-19 during a trip (or traveled with someone who has tested), which is 300% more (from just 2%) of the survey. Information we released in March.

In fact, travelers are all too familiar with this reality: respondents say they will Change or cancel their travel plans If they tested positive for COVID-19 (75%), they were in contact with someone who tested positive (33%), or increased COVID-19 cases at their destination (30%). To put it bluntly, 31% will plan to cancel their current trip if costs continue to rise.

If this trend continues, cost concerns may outweigh COVID-19 concerns. But for now, realizing the bucket-list travel dream and / or 2022 vacation plans means adjusting to increased costs and COVID-19 requirements (and risks) alike.

Method: TripIt surveyed more than 1,800 US-based users to understand their upcoming travel plans, as well as their attitudes and behaviors regarding rising costs. The survey was conducted from May 24 - June 1, 2022.

About the author


Stay one step ahead of planning to land through the world's highest rated travel planning app. Unlike other travel apps, TripIt can organize your travel plans wherever you book. Just forward your confirmation emails to [email protected] and in a matter of seconds, TripIt will create a major itinerary for each trip.